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   Chapter 1933 Time Is Pressing

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"It's just a sword spirit. At its level, it is barely of any of use to you now," Holy Drew said with indifference.

Zen couldn't help but shoot him a cold glare.

Given the two Holy Beings' strength, they could've definitely prevented this from happening, but they chose to do nothing.

It was understandable for Zen to feel frustrated. However, he was soon able to calm down.

Holy Drew and Holy Jay were both outsiders after all.

Holy Jay simply asked Holy Drew to refine Zen's body as per Mike's request.

A Holy Being was a legendary figure, a supreme existence even in the divine land.

There was no doubt that these two Holy Beings helped Zen a lot.

He couldn't really blame them for not helping Lavender.

'I can only rely on myself, ' Zen thought angrily, but he did not let it show on his face.

He had initially planned on asking Holy Jay for help in recovering Lavender's memories. But given what just happened, Zen figured that it was no use asking him anything.

"Hurry! Show me your strength!" Holy Drew urged. He did not want to talk about the insignificant sword spirit. All he cared about was his handiwork of Zen's body.

A weapon refiner always had to make sure their weapon was up to standards in order to qualify as a masterpiece.

Despite Zen's concern for Lavender, Holy Drew's words pulled him out of his worries and made him check out his own body.

Ever since he woke up, he could already feel a great change within him, as if this body was totally different from what it used to be.

It was as if there was a transparent film around him and this film also had some sort of mysterious connection with his soul.

As he thought about it, a transparent film appeared and indeed covered his entire body.

"What is this?"

Curiosity was written all over Zen's face.

However, Holy Drew did not give him an answer. The weapon refiner wanted Zen to discover the mysteries of his own body by himself.

The transparent film looked similar to water that constantly surged on top of Zen's body like second skin. He quickly realized that his mind had the ability to control this film.

"What's this?" he repeated his question.

Holy Drew simply gave him a wicked grin.

"This is a protective treasure. I used a piece of the source of Godly Tile for this," he told Zen. "I named it the Redemption Armor. Do you like it?"

"The Redemption Armor?"

Zen's eyes couldn't help but light up in surprise. Deciding to put the treasure to the test, he thought of turning it into a robe to cover his naked bo

lf eventually.

Although Zen's body was only as powerful as a supreme chaotic weapon, he still felt significantly stronger than before. He tried activating one percent of strength source from the nine stars and his body was as sturdy as ever.

After refining Zen's body, Holy Drew did not intend to stay any longer. As soon as he deemed Zen's body fit and up to his standards, he quickly turned to smoke and left the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

With Holy Drew gone, Holy Jay then turned to face Zen, Rocher, and the nine Genuine Dragons. "I've received news of the Sacred race commencing with their attack on the universe."

"They started so soon?"

Rocher's heart couldn't help but skip a beat at this information. Even the nine Genuine Dragons seemed surprised at this news.

Holy Jay simply nodded in confirmation.

The person who stood in front of Zen and the others was only his incarnation. The real Holy Jay was still in the divine land. He had recently gotten news of Murphy asking the Sacred race to attack the Evolutionary Universe.

"You haven't got much time," Holy Jay told them.

If the Sacred race managed to take up the whole universe and destroy it, then Mike would perish. He would no longer be a Holy Being.

Given enough time, the ten Godly Geniuses could stay in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land to cultivate for dozens, even hundreds of years.

A hundred years wasn't long for a warrior.

However, time was a luxury they couldn't afford. Zen already knew that they would have to move fast against the Sacred race the moment he left the Evolutionary Universe. He just didn't expect that it would only take their foes a year before making their move.

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