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   Chapter 1932 Lavender's Amazing Willpower

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Zen's soul was in a state of near unconsciousness as he slept.

To him, it was only a matter of closing his eyes and opening them back up. Even so, he felt like he had slept for far too long.

Having just awoken, Zen was still dazed. Once he adapted to the surrounding light, he took notice of Lavender.


She was curled up like a baby, her eyes closed as she lay motionless beside him.

At this moment, Zen could feel how extremely weak her soul was as if it had suffered some great injury.

Although her soul had already been completely restored, she lacked a complete body—she had stayed as his sword spirit.

"Lavender?" Zen called out.

When he received no response, he had his sword spirit stand up to stretch her body.

Since it was originally Zen's sword spirit, naturally, he could control it. But because Lavender's soul was living within it, he hadn't interfered with it until then.

It was quite a surprise when Lavender opened her eyes just as he was about to make her stand up.

Her pair of crimson eyes had lost the sharp killing intent that once clouded them. Instead, they had fallen into a perplexed state.

"What's the matter?" Zen asked.

But Lavender didn't give the slightest reaction and only looked at Zen, dumbfounded.

During the time inside the door, Lavender had relied solely on her willpower to extinguish the Soul-sealing Needle.

One could only imagine the pain of the Soul-sealing Needle piercing into her soul.

While she erased this needle, she had also severely injured her own soul.

The trauma of Lavender's soul wasn't as severe as before—last time, because of Elena's conspiracy, Lavender had almost lost most of her soul, leaving it fragmented. But, her memories hadn't been damaged in the slightest that time.

But this Soul-sealing Needle was deeply embedded within her soul. By releasing the information within the needle, one could directly control the recipient's memories.

To erase the Soul-sealing Needle meant that she had to erase her memories along with it.

And Lavender realized this as she was grinding out the needle—just as she removed a part of it, she also lost a portion of her own childhood memories.

Suddenly, she couldn't remember where she was born or where she grew up.

Once she figured it out, Lavender stopped for a moment. After much consideration, she continued wiping the needle out without any more hesitation.

Then, she forgot her name, her race, her cultivation technique, her status as one of the three queens of the Demon Night race, and even why she even had to endure such intense pain in the first place.

The deeper the memories,

d said only a single sentence, but time passed by quickly inside the door—the moment he finished speaking, he could already see Lavender attempting to erase the Soul-sealing Needle. Since Lavender had expended so much willpower to erase the Soul-sealing Needle, she was unlikely to bring Zen any harm.

"With this woman's soul power, wanting to erase a Soul-sealing Needle isn't easy," Holy Drew said with a shake of his head.

In their eyes, Lavender's power was rather weak. Although the treasures that entered people's souls weren't particularly sturdy, their materials were usually rather special—this needle was still considered a treasure from the divine land.

But the willpower Lavender displayed afterward still moved the two Holy Beings.

For a full eighteen hours outside the door, Lavender worked hard, forcefully extinguishing the needle.

Although eighteen hours outside the door went by fast, around 50, 000 years had already passed within the door. This woman's willpower truly went beyond their imagination—she had been doing the same thing for years and years.

"That's all we know." Holy Jay recounted what they had seen to Zen. "According to my speculations, she truly belongs to Murphy Mu. But since she destroyed the needle, we can say that she has escaped Murphy's clutches."

Hearing his words, Zen was stunned. He couldn't help but clench his fists in frustration. He had no idea that he was asleep for so long. Never did he think that Lavender would keep such a secret from him. It was no wonder then that she had acted so strangely in the past.

"Murphy Mu! The Sacred race!"

Zen exclaimed through gritted teeth. Murphy built the Murphy Universe, where the Sacred race, the invaders of the Evolutionary Universe, had originated.

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