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   Chapter 1931 He Was Asleep For A Long Time

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The Celestial Position was in a dilemma.

The Sacred race was on a roll. There was no stopping them from conquering many supreme worlds. But Wynn and Master Feng had planned to sacrifice some worlds to buy time.

Although the Sacred race had a huge appetite, the Evolutionary Universe was vast that they wouldn't be able to swallow it all at once.

So, to afford themselves some time, there was no other option but to sacrifice the Humanity Alliance.

When the Sacred race began invading the Evolutionary Universe, the three great forces of human race united. Even Supreme Lord of Oracle and Supreme Lord of Original Sin had put aside their grudges in the hope of defeating their biggest adversary. But the Sacred race continued to devour their territories. It seemed that their joint force could not do anything to stop the conqueror.

Once the Sacred race destroyed the Humanity Alliance, the Evolutionary Universe would be in trouble. In this situation, differences and feuds must be set aside. Their chance of survival would rely on their willingness to work together.

But despite being the only viable option, it was a difficult decision to make.

"Sir," Master Feng said when he entered the secret place while cupping his hands as a sign of respect to the old man, Wynn.

Wynn was floating in the air with his legs crossed when Master Feng came in. The old man was surrounded by a continuous stream of bright starlight like an endless meteor shower.

He sensed Master Feng's presence but did not respond to the latter's call. His eyes were kept closed as if he was in the middle of meditation on the starlight.

Master Feng realized that Wynn didn't want to be disturbed, so he quietly stepped back to not interrupt the old man's thought.

Not long after, more starlight appeared and surrounded Wynn. They began to form complicated patterns like the constellations in the sky.

The number of patterns rapidly increased and started to ascend into the sky. When they reached the top of the secret place, they converged and formed a white band of light. It circled in the sky then began to slowly descend towards Wynn's head.

The band of light began to spread out and all the stars in the universe emitted light simultaneously.

It was nighttime in the universe when all the stars shone brightly, lighting up the universe like it was daytime.

Master Feng could notice the changes in the universe even when he was standing in the secret place. It appeared that Wynn was using a secret technique.

Wynn was the only True God in the Celestial Position and he was also the person that had activated the bloodline of the Celestial Position. Being the disciple of a Holy Being, Wynn had extensive sacred wisdom about the universe and its events.

As the band of light came closer to Wynn's head, it expanded more slowly. It looked like it had almost reached its stretch limit.

Wynn had not moved since Master Feng found him meditating here. But as the band of light came closer to him, his brows slightly furrowed. When he extended both his hands, a ray of light emitted from his cinnabar field and a light blue crystal shot out from it. It began to circle in front of Wynn.

It was an octagon-shaped crystal. At first glance, Master Feng thought it was an eight-d

to fight, we might as well join them. This time, I will use the power of the stars to help them win."

"We'll not wait for the Godly Geniuses to return?" Master Feng asked.

According to Wynn, the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was an extraordinary sacred place for cultivation. The idea of sending the Godly Geniuses to this cultivation place was from the old man as well. And since it was an instruction from a True God, Master Feng didn't bother to ask and just sent them into the cultivation place. But he had no idea when they would come back.

"We can't wait here doing nothing. We must help the Humanity Alliance. We can slow down the Sacred race's invasion until the Godly Geniuses are back," Wynn said with a worried face.

Wynn was Mike's disciple. He had taught him everything he knew about martial arts.

Mike's wisdom was embodied by his disciples and they believed that their master's plans could turn even the most difficult situation into a success.

That was why, no matter how bad the situation was, Wynn had never lost his confidence.

But this time was different. Wynn had not that much confidence that they could win in this situation.

As a True God, he knew about the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. It was indeed an extraordinary sacred place for cultivation built by Holy Jay from the divine land.

However, no matter how magical this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was, it was impossible to improve the strength of these Godly Geniuses to a level enough to save the Evolutionary Universe in just a short period of time. There was just no way…

The Evolutionary Universe and the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land observed the same time flow rate.

Wynn, who was in the Evolutionary Universe, decided to finally lend a hand to the Humanity Alliance. Meanwhile in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Zen was resting when his eyelids slightly trembled and suddenly opened. Then, a golden afterglow entered his pupils and rapidly rotated until it gradually dissipated.

Zen looked confused. He sat up and looked around, but his head ached a little from the sudden awakening. What time was it now?

It felt as if he was asleep for a long time.

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