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   Chapter 1930 Going Too Far

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Elena's explanation was not convincing.

None of the Demon Night people present had a Soul-sealing Needle in their soul, so they had no idea of the origins of their race.

As the leader of the Demon Night race, Elena was the unwavering beacon of faith. It was enough for her to just give an explanation. No one would care if the explanation was truthful or outrageous, because it was unthinkable for them to question the queen's words.

"It doesn't matter if you are confused, dubious, or even furious; it won't change the decision made by Latonia and me. All world lords, regroup your troops and remain in Punishment World until further instruction. I will herald the golden age of the Demon Night!"

After issuing the command, Elena turned around and left. The crystal doors were shut behind her. She still needed to convene with the Supreme Lords of Demon Night.

Those Supreme Lords weren't as easy to convince as the ordinary Demon Night civilians. Elena could let them probe the Soul-sealing Needle, so it wasn't a tough job for her. The next step for the Demon Night army was to wait for the perfect moment to launch a deadly attack on the human beings.

In such a short span of time, Humanity Alliance had lost two hundred supreme worlds.

The Sacred race's formidable army didn't encounter any strong resistance. At this pace, the Sacred race could devour the whole Humanity Alliance within two years.

In core supreme world of Celestial Position, the fight had started.

A swift and fierce aura radiated from the expansive hall.

This aura swept over everything in the hall like countless thin blades.


Thousands of tiny slashes appeared in the magnificent hall due to the attack of this blade-like aura.

A myriad of scratches suddenly appeared on the wall, the floor, the ceiling, and even on the statues that were made from rare materials.

If someone was in the hall now, one would be badly mutilated just by contacting the aura.

"We... When will we take action?" a sweet and melodic voice asked.

It was Supreme Lord of Oracle of the Humanity Alliance. Her eyes glowed like an ignited black gem. The fierce aura earlier was casually set off by her as she couldn't suppress her anger anymore.

Aside from Supreme Lord of Oracle, there were more than twenty human Supreme Lords present in the hall. They all kept their silence.

The Sacred race's first foothold was in Spring race, just beyond the Sighing Wall. At that time, Humanity Alliance already perceived that they would be the first target to be attacked when the Sacred race initiated the war.

Humanity Alliance wasn't lacking in power. Supreme Lord of Oracle was one of the four great top-rank Supreme Lords in the univer

't stand it any more. That's going too far!" Supreme Lord of Oracle had a weird smile on her face, which was obviously out of rage. She gave the present Supreme Lords a stern look and turned around to step into the void.

Following her, Supreme Lord Healum from Humanity Alliance also left.

As he saw the three important Supreme Lords from Humanity Alliance who left, Supreme Lord of Original Sin couldn't help but sigh, "Maybe we made a wrong decision."

Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, who had been silent earlier, shook his head, too. "The time is too short. Maybe we shouldn't have put our all hopes in these young Godly Geniuses."

The head of the Celestial Position wore a complicated expression, too.

If no one prevented Supreme Lord of Oracle from leading Humanity Alliance against the Sacred race, the consequences could be easily imagined. If the elites from Humanity Alliance completely fell, it would be a great loss to the human race.

Master Feng sighed again.

He hadn't felt this kind of emotion for a long time.

Everything went smoothly since he became the head of Celestial Position.

The Celestial Position rose sharply. Ten Godly Geniuses had been selected successfully and Zen grew rapidly. Everything all went according to plan and seemed to be on schedule.

The head of Celestial Position even took all the successes for granted, because the Celestial Position was created by the disciple of the universe's master. Things shouldn't be going wrong.

However, a fatal mistake occurred. Sacred race had broken through the Sighing Wall, which was beyond everyone's expectation. Consequently, the selected Godly Geniuses didn't have enough time to cultivate.

"Maybe it's time to counterattack. I will go to visit Wynn," Master Feng said as he then disappeared into the hall.

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