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   Chapter 1929 Explanation

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The members of the Demon Night race were without fail obedient to their queens.

This race maintained this structure since its creation.

The sacred places of the human race were evolved from sects, while the divine kingdoms were evolved from mortal nations. However, the loyalty of human martial artists couldn't be compared to that of the Demon Night warriors.

When the sacred places and divine kingdoms experienced chaos, the core martial artists would choose to continue to serve their sacred places or divine kingdoms. At times though, a large group of them would try to escape.

When the territory of the Humanity Alliance was slowly occupied by the Sacred race, many martial artists chose to leave the sacred places that they belonged to and run for their lives. Some criminals even burned, killed and looted random areas. Hence, the mortals were the ones left to suffer.

This would never happen to the Demon Night race.

The beliefs of their race were embedded in their very bones and ingrained in their brains.

Once, when Lavender and Elena were fighting back then, only the upper-level martial artists were in chaos. The lower-level martial artists didn't experience any disturbance because they only followed their own queens.

Followings the orders of the queens, the members of the Demon Night race would go through fire and water without any complaints. This was why the Demon Night race remained so united.

After finishing her sentence, Elena looked at Shania with an indifferent gaze. With an arrogant smile plastered on her face, she lifted her hemlines as she walked towards the transparent crystal doors of the Heavenly Punishment Palace.

The warriors in front of the palace came from various sacred places. They were all elite warriors of the Demon Night race, ranging from world lords to Spirit Transformation Realm warriors, Spirit Supreme Realm warriors, Soul Sea Realm warriors... These were the strongest members of the Demon Night race.

Seeing the graceful figure move behind the doors, the warriors of the Demon Night race immediately quieted down. They were ready for whatever the queen would ask of them.

Although the vast majority of the Demon Night warriors were women, that didn't mean they weren't valiant. When faced with invasions, many world lords voluntarily joined the fight.


The large, multi-colored doors slowly opened. Elena slowly but surely, stepped onto the terrace and took a look down at all the Demon Night members. Her facial expression was soft, but stern and poised.

Shania followed closely behind, standing beside Elena with a calm gaze.

"My dear people, it is an honor to meet you," Elena said. "We have gathered here today, with all the elite warriors, because som

end, she still nodded her head. If she had a choice, she wouldn't have agreed with Elena's decision. She had always been immersed in her own research, and this brought her endless joy. The Sacred race's sudden appearance disturbed all her plans.

She was restricted by the Soul-sealing Needle and could only do as the needle instructed.

Seeing that Shania agreed so easily, the elders couldn't believe their ears, their faces revealing shock and confusion.

The character of the Queen of Punishment had always been crazy and difficult to comprehend. However, the Queen of Life was relatively gentle, so why did even she approve of this matter this time around? No one could figure out what was happening.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The discussion grew louder and louder.


Elena reached out her hand, and the Saint Thunder Meteor Hammer appeared before her. A blue-colored flash of lightning shot out from the hammer, violently exploding high in the sky.

There was a clap of thunder in the air.

A deafening sound erupted, masking all the discussion and arguments happening below.

"I know that everyone is angry," Elena said slowly. "As creatures born in the Evolutionary Universe, we, the Demon Night warriors, have the duty to protect our homeland. However, I want to set it clear to everyone that the Demon Night race does not belong to this universe!"


How is this possible?"

"We were born in this universe. Why don't we belong to this universe?"

All of the Demon Night members gasped as they stared wide-eyed at Elena. Their minds were completely muddled.

Elena did not have a better way to appease them. She could only divulge some information to calm them down. "The purpose that our Demon Night race was created was to destroy the Evolutionary Universe, and now the opportunity has come."

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