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   Chapter 1928 The Situation

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Metal clashed against metal, screams drowned more screams. The violent fighting intensified even more as the Evolutionary Universe sunk deeper into chaos.

Fate seemed to favor the army of the Sacred race, who continued to advance with unstoppable momentum. They made more noise with Roaring Tokens every passing day in the universe, which flooded everyone's ears.

Then again, the war was related to the entire universe, every race, and every living being. It didn't matter whether one was a mortal, a martial artist, a human, or anything else; none of them could stay out of it!

Before the actual war had broken out, the Demon Night race had been actively preparing for battle.

All of the warriors from their sacred places had started to gather towards their race's core supreme worlds.

Janice, the lord of the Frigid Autumn World, and her subordinates had been shuttling back and forth through passageways of various supreme worlds. Their supposed destination was the Punishment World, a supreme world where Elena's Heavenly Punishment Palace was located.

She was the leader of the sacred place's elite warriors. Generally speaking, the warriors with the lowest cultivation level were at the Soul Sea Realm, and the warriors with the highest cultivation level were at the Spirit Transformation Realm.

The enemies they faced this time were too strong, so warriors below the Soul Sea Realm served very little purpose.

Janice had only been to the Punishment World once, after she became the lord of the Frigid Autumn World. Since the universe was naturally too vast, it hadn't been easy for her to travel an arduous journey of a hundred supreme worlds—even as a world lord herself.

They had occasionally encountered warriors from other sacred places of the Demon Night race, and most of them seemed worried.

Provoking words filled everyone's ears from time to time. They didn't know where Maha, the warrior from the Sacred race, had gotten so many Roaring Tokens from, but he clearly annoyed native warriors constantly every day.

"Ha-ha! Today I killed seven world lords. All of them were from the Humanity Alliance. Their names were... Tsk, tsk! Those guys were so weak. I hope I can meet stronger warriors tomorrow, and I'll kill them one by one." Once again, Maha's voice filled everyone's ears.

"Maha is so mighty!"

"Yes, he is!"

The warriors from the Sacred race began to butter Maha up.

Janice's face scrunched up in hopeless despair after the many times she had heard those irritating words. "He's too arrogant!" she complained.

It was true that everyone Maha had killed belonged to the Humanity Alliance. Furthermore, they were human martial artists. Now, Janice and her companions were from a different force, and a different race as well. Thus, should she be so angry?

In reality, however, she wasn't the only one infuriated—the elite warriors from the Demon Night race that she led shared the same sentiments. In fact, all the living creatures in the universe hated Maha with a passion.

The Humanity Alliance wasn't the Sacred race's only target.

The Sacred race had unashamedly declared from the very beginning that they would treat the entire universe as their own. It had undoubtedly made them the whole universe's public enemies.

Therefore, when the Humanity Alliance was attacked, the Demon Night warriors naturally got enraged as well.

Maha's name had spread far and wide ever since the Sacred race had invaded the u

opportunity as the Demon Night race was going to join forces with the Sacred race.

A green light suddenly lit up on the smooth and hard floor in front of her; then an emerald green vine sprouted and quickly grew out of it. In just a few seconds, a giant flower bud appeared.


The petals of the flower bud suddenly fanned out in bloom, and then Shania, who was dressed in green, stepped out.

Compared to the other Godly Geniuses, Shania's cultivation had grown the fastest. She had reached the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm in such a short period of time. It looked like she was about to become a world lord.

Elena looked at Shania as the corners of her mouth lifted up into a smile. "Latonia, you're late."

Shania's cold stare sent daggers towards Elena.

Shania wasn't that fond of Elena. She had always been immersed in her own research, and had seldom got herself involved in the things of the Demon Night race.

It had only been a while since she had recently discovered the mysteriousness of the tenth layer of the Life Law, but the Sacred race suddenly appeared out of nowhere and caused a huge disturbance. It completely disrupted her progress! What was even worse was that the Soul-sealing Needle in her mind released a bunch of information that had nothing to do with her.

It was only then that she understood the Demon Night race's mission. It was not something she was happy about, yet she had no choice but to follow the Soul-sealing Needle's intention.

She was even more depressed when she came to know the reason why she was able to control the tenth layer of the Life Law according to the information in the Soul-sealing Needle.

There were some loopholes in the Evolutionary Universe because the one who had laid down its rules was almost about to die. She had only happened to find those loopholes, which was why she had accidentally comprehended the tenth layer of the Life Law.

"They have sent ten Godly Geniuses to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land this time, but not me. In fact, the Celestial Position race has long suspected our Demon Night race, and they don't even trust the ogre race," Shania said. "So don't think that you can catch them off-guard."

"Of course I know that," Elena proudly laughed. "The first step is to convince our people!"

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