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   Chapter 1927 Soul-sealing Needle

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The black flame, flicking its way along the eight-diagram disc, had penetrated Zen's body like small snakes. Then, the black wisps gushed out of Zen little by little.

It was known that, first and foremost, chaos turned into Dark and Light energies. Then, Dark and Light energies turned into everything.

The Dark and Light Fire Array was deduced by the great technique of Dark and Light energies - and it was incredibly powerful. Refining weapon with this technique could yield twice the results, with half the effort.

Quite a few True Gods in the divine land exerted the great technique of Dark and Light energies by means of clockwise rotation.

Life vitality was actually quite similar to chaos. If chaos was an ordinary energy, then life vitality, in fact, could be seen as secondary energy.

Under the clockwise rotation, the great technique of Dark and Light energies replaced chaos with life vitality and turned life vitality into Eight Diagrams. Eight Diagrams crushed down and would ultimately destroy the heaven and earth, which was extremely overbearing.

However, Holy Drew's Dark and Light Fire Array was anticlockwise.

In order to refine a supreme chaotic weapon, such was one of the key factors.

Under an anticlockwise turn, chaos, but not life vitality, was turned into Dark and Light energies.

If Holy Drew refined a supreme chaotic weapon, then it was only natural that he himself would have to prepare the chaos. This time was different though, as he was refining Zen whose cinnabar field was filled with chaos.

As the Dark and Light Fire Array rotated, Zen's inner world developed at a constant rate!

To Zen, the concept of time became extremely delicate.

After sinking into a deep slumber, his body began to grow old.

Warriors at the Soul Sea Realm had an average lifespan of tens of thousands of years. On the other hand, warriors at the Spirit Supreme Realm could actually live anywhere from hundreds of thousands of years to millions of years! Eighty thousand years wasn't too much for Zen to handle. It wouldn't make him grow too old, nor would it cause him to enter the Five Aging Processes.

Because she had been accompanying Zen for such a long time, Lavender had also fallen into a highly focused state.

A long thin needle was afloat in the depths of her soul. The needle was mysteriously patterned with an abstruse refining technique that had never been seen in the universes.

Every Demon Night queen would hold a rather mysterious ceremony when she ascended the throne.

This ceremony concerned top confidential information in Demon Night. None, except perhaps a few clansmen, in Demon Night knew about it.

This ceremony had been inherited from ancient Demon Night. Even Lavender didn't fully understand the function or the purpose of such a ceremony.

Lavender wasn't the only one, though. Elena and Shania were equally just as unaware.

Once the Illusion Battlefield was over, this long needle within her soul began to take action. The needle ha

eated an entire race in order to overturn a universe. Was killing a Holy Being really that impossible?

"I... I want to root this needle out of me!"

This idea of pulling this needle out of herself had been long on Lavender's mind.

Unfortunately though, the Soul-sealing Needle was so deep in Lavender's soul that it had already merged with her as one. It now seemed impossible to pull it out. If the Soul-sealing Needle controlled Lavender's thought completely, there was no way for her to resist.

If she couldn't pull it out, she then had to grind and obliterate it!

A resolute expression quickly appeared on her pretty face.

She had plenty of time to destroy the needle, now. Eighty thousand years was sufficient to grind the Soul-sealing Needle. What she needed now was a little perseverance.

There had only been a strand of Lavender's soul remaining when it was broken by Elena. She was sure she could recover this time, just as she had recovered the last time, too.

Her soul lurked within Zen's sword spirit and separating the two was easy.

Lavender worked hard, but the difficulty of obliterating the Soul-sealing Needle was beyond her imagination.

The last time Lavender's soul was broken, her memories were still intact. The Soul-sealing Needle deep within her connected closely with her soul.

As she tried to grind and obliterate the Soul-sealing Needle, she suffered great pain and her memories slowly faded away.

Her memory declined quickly and dramatically. At the end of it all, Lavender couldn't even remember why she had tortured herself like this. She'd had one and only one obsession: to erase the Soul-sealing Needle from her soul.

Because her soul was so damaged, Lavender's statue changed and its light faded again in the Demon Night race.

But the Demon Night didn't notice the statue's change. The race's many powerhouses were in a state of panic, because they had received a new instruction that they couldn't resist on the day when Sacred race invaded.

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