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   Chapter 1926 Eighty Thousand Years

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Holy Drew didn't dwell on this matter.

He could only be considered half an insider and he would only secretly help Mike with his plan. Never would he get completely involved.

After all, he was only a weapon refiner. The only thing he could do was display his specialties to the maximum, which meant refining Zen's body to a stronger level.

"Dark and Light Fire Array!" Holy Drew roared.

With those words, he began to activate his divine textures one after another, equally making use of the black flame.

The Divine Flame Cauldron was also an ancient treasure within the divine land. The black flame inside such, along with the Sun Spring essence flame and mixed element flame, was ranked first on the Mysterious Flame List in the divine land.

Holy Drew wasn't proficient in dealing with the black flame, though.

To him, obtaining just one of the three kinds of flames would be more than enough. Moreover, all the weapon refiners preferred the mixed element flame, because it was the best choice for weapon refining. The mixed element flame was relatively mild, but the black flame was too fierce; even the slightest mistake would cause the weapon embryo to be burnt to ashes.

It was both Holy Jay's and Mike's choices to refine Zen's body with the black flame. Thus, it was important for Holy Drew to be careful when handling the black flame.

A white disc slowly appeared beneath Holy Drew's feet and white life vitality began to circulate around him. Simultaneously, the black flame in the void also began flowing like water toward the disc.

As a result, a black and white eight-diagram disc was formed.

The Dark and Light Godly Way was the Godly Way that Holy Drew cultivated himself.

The Godly Way had once wielded great glory in the Sacred race of the divine land. Due to the Sacred race's decline though, from ancient history to today, those who had cultivated it to its pinnacle were few and far between. Not many warriors with this Godly Way could successfully become Holy Beings.

Holy Drew didn't become a Holy Being because of the Dark and Light Godly Way. On the other hand though, his attainment in this Godly Way was absolutely extraordinary.

His overall purpose in cultivating the Dark and Light Godly Way was still to refine weapons.

Before this, no one had ever used the Dark and Light Godly Way in weapon refining. Following the rise of Holy Drew like a dazzling star, many people turned their gazes toward him. The Dark and Light Godly Way became popular among weapon refiners as well.

They only had one goal, which was to learn from Holy Drew and use the Dark and Light Godly Way to refine supreme chaotic weapons.

There were quite a few weapon refiners exploring this Godly Way in the divine land, but unfortunately, not a single one of them managed to create a supreme chaotic weapon. Furthermore, they all failed to comprehend the main points within. What they didn't know was that the key of refining supreme ch

rom within Zen's body, watching him in silence.

Lavender was left inside the door.

Ever since Zen had returned from the Illusion Battlefield, Lavender's attitude had been rather strange toward him.

She seemed to be worried about something, and she often appeared to be at odds with Zen. She had even stopped talking to him.

Right now though, she raised her head and surveyed her surroundings. Looking at the dream-like space, she flashed a lonely smile. "This is a good place for me," she said.

Of course, she understood that inside the door, the time flow rate was different.

If Holy Drew needed a full day in order to refine Zen's body, then Zen would have to lie here for 80, 000 years.

She had hoped countless times that time would stop, as long as she stayed by Zen's side.

No matter how much she wished it, time continued to push her forward step by step, forcing her into an abyss she had no desire to face.

But now, time had finally come to a full stop, or rather, it was infinitely close to stopping.

If one day passed in the outside world, she could accompany Zen for eighty thousand years. If it was two days, it would be one hundred and sixty thousand years. And that was a long time for Lavender.

Looking at the sleeping Zen, Lavender stretched out a thin finger and gently caressed his face. Although the golden Sanskrit words continued to spin, causing his face to look slightly sinister, his closed eyes still showed a sense of serenity, making her feel strangely calm and comfortable.

Unknowingly, this man had become so powerful!

Although time in this space moved at an extremely slow speed, slower than anyone could ever imagine, Lavender wasn't bored. To the contrary, she treasured the slow passing of every day even more.

A day's time passed by quickly for Rocher, Holy Jay, Holy Drew, and the nine Genuine Dragons. Lavender though, who had managed to stay inside the door, had accompanied Zen for eighty thousand years.

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