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   Chapter 1925 Sacrifice For Zen

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"All the three thousand great ways could help you condense Godly Tiles. In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, there aren't rules of heavens that have been established. Therefore, it's hard for you to become a True God. With your power though, it is much easier for you to condense a Godly Tile, in comparison to the others..."

The strength of Chapman, Kaydan and the other elites of their races far exceeded that of a world lord and resembled much more that of a Supreme Lord. However, their power was still at world lord level, because they didn't carry the Heavenly Destiny and didn't condense a Godly Tile.

That said though, they were world lords who could still exert their power to the extreme.

They were more powerful than top-level world lords and could even compete with the Supreme Lords.

If they cultivated the Godly Way which was suitable for them, breaking through would be completed with ease.

"Each individual only has a single chance. Thus, success depends on one's own comprehension ability," Holy Jay explained faintly.

Natives from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land stared at Holy Jay, their eyes sparkling, as if they were afraid to miss or misunderstand any detailed or critical information. This might be their one and only chance.

"The Collapsing Mountain race's focused on practicing physical strength. The amount of warriors in the divine land who concentrate on cultivating Might Godly Way is actually quite small. But we shall never underestimate the True Gods who practice Might Godly Way. If their mastery of power is great, they can break absolutely anything with a single fist."

Holy Jay took a sudden step forward. The invisible force surged out from beneath his feet!

His body contour wasn't as big as that of the Collapsing Mountain race, but everyone knew that body size wasn't the standard of measuring a person's power.

At that very moment, and in the eyes of all the witnesses, Holy Jay had become the embodiment of power, and he could crush anything!

In fact, he didn't even exert all of his power: probably less than ten percent of Chapman's strength. However, no one could deny that the destruction caused was hundreds of times more than what Chapman could ever manage.

Holy Jay slowly walked toward Chapman, as the invisible power hovered beside him before turning into a teeny-weeny crystal.

The colored crystal looked very much like strength source.

"Lo-Lord... This is just strength source." Chapman had no idea how to address Holy Jay.

Holy Jay's face revealed a cold smile. "The Might Godly Way is the most arbitrary one. You never formed Path Platforms nor condensed nine stars, but you absorbed quite a lot of my strength source. Thus, you are able to directly practice the Might Godly Way!"

Upon finishing his speech, he pointed his finger at the tiny crystal of strength source which began to glow brilliantly. Holy Jay then poured this strength source into the brains of all members of the Collapsing Mountain race present

them and there are forty-nine Genuine Dragons in total. Do you want to restore your own body or devote your spirit to Zen?"

Mike loved feeding contractual beasts, especially dragons. Genuine Dragon World was constructed at one side of Evolutionary Universe while he was creating the whole place. This Genuine Dragon World was Mike's beast farm.

In Holy Drew's opinion, the spirits of nine Genuine Dragons were good refinement materials for Zen. He knew that overall, it would be great help for Zen.

"We... Object," Five-clawed Golden Dragon uttered.

The dragon's remarks attracted Holy Drew's curiosity. "Mike is your master. Why wouldn't you want to devote your spirits to his son?"

"Something happened in Genuine Dragon World. They got our clansmen to abandon us. It's just not the right time for us to devote our spirits..." Five-clawed Golden Dragon replied.

To divide the universe constructed by a Holy Being wasn't easy work.

When the universe itself sensed crisis, it would devise to counterattack. Even if the Sacred race gained advantages in everything, breaking through to Evolutionary Universe wasn't that easy, because the Evolutionary Universe had its own consciousness and would establish an adverse environment.

It was like when a troop invaded a country, everything, including the land, trees, grass and rivers, would fight back in silence.

The Sacred race had conspired for a long time and was well prepared for this invasion.

Besides the ancient sorcerer race, the Demon Night and the ogre race were also acting suspiciously. Therefore, the Celestial Position didn't trust these two races. Genuine Dragon World had taken movement earlier. They had incited forty Genuine Dragons to rebel, while other nine Genuine Dragons had lost their own fleshly bodies.

These nine Genuine Dragons were willing to help Zen, but they still had to avenge themselves in the Genuine Dragon World.

Prior to such, it was only natural that they didn't want to sacrifice themselves.

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