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   Chapter 1924 Hope

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As a newly conferred Holy Being, Holy Jay was considered a maverick in the divine land.

As a Holy Being in the divine land, he still showed some level of prejudice against the secondary creatures.

A vast majority of martial artists did not bother much about the living beings in their inner worlds.

This was because the meaning of the existence of the countless beings in an inner world was merely to keep the inner world running smoothly, and make the life vitality to flow even more widely in the cinnabar field.

Some True Gods would rely on the Faith Energy from their followers within their inner worlds. Others did not require the Faith Energy, especially those who had already reached the Holy Realm. They wouldn't care whether people believed in them or not. Nor would they voluntarily announce their existence to the people within their inner worlds.

There were too many secondary creatures to bother about.

Every universe had countless great worlds, and every great world had countless creatures.

In addition, the inner world of a True God was quite extensive.

The divine land was so big, that there were all sorts of true spirits and creatures. Apart from them, there were also numerous mountains and the four great divine trees.

The numbers of secondary creatures inside the bodies of martial artists were countless.

These lives were inconsequential, especially to martial artists who were True Gods. The existences of these lives were meaningless to them.

Who would care when the weeds in a forest grew or died?

But among these 'weeds', there would occasionally be someone that would shine with an extraordinary brilliance. And they would be given ample attention by the martial artists. As for the other weeds, they were still just weeds…

The existence of the divine land was permanent and stable. It was precisely because of this that the deities within it were tainted with divinity and lost their humanity.

"That's true," said Holy Jay with a faint smile. "I have definitely forgotten how to revere the living beings, but you have forgotten how to revere me as well."

For all said and done, he was still a Holy Being with a high status. Even a True God was not allowed to speak to him in such a manner. Although he did not mind Rocher's attitude, he did not appreciate the fact that Rocher had crossed the line.

As the saying went, 'To be in the king's company is tantamount to living with a tiger.' Even a mortal king could decide the fate of his subjects. The status of a Holy Being was comparatively higher. What he could rule over was a part of the divine land!

If the people of the divine land were to find out that a secondary creature at the Spirit Supreme Realm taught a Holy Being a lesson like that, they would be completely appalled.

However, Rocher's expression remained unchang

trength was so precise that everyone appeared to be lifted off the ground at the same time.

"Enough!" Holy Jay said calmly. "I know that you have tried many times to find a way to cross the heavens. I want to tell you that there is no such way in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, so you cannot leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. If you still dare to do so, you can imagine the consequences!"

Even if Holy Jay had not taken the initiative to speak about this, Kaydan and the others would have definitely raised this question. Now that Holy Jay had cleared this point, the faces of Kaydan and the rest froze in anticipation.

They had already collected this information from the martial artists of other races and divine land. Hence it was no longer a secret. But they still didn't give up and followed the last glimmer of hope.

But if they were to hear it from the mouth of their master, it would be equivalent to sentencing them to death.

Their pursuit in life was meaningless.

Forcefully leaving the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land would mean that they would turn into life vitality and disappear. It was because they were secondary creatures and the fate that awaited them was cruelly simple.

"Is there no other way?" Kaydan asked hopefully.

Holy Jay patted Rocher's shoulder and said, "You should thank this young man for persuading me. Therefore, I will give you all a chance to comprehend the Godly Way."

Until now, everyone had fallen into despair. After all, Holy Jay had personally confirmed that there was no way from them to leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Who would have thought that what Holy Jay said next would pull them out from the abyss of despair into the heaven of hope!

All the aboriginals looked at Rocher gratefully. Rocher seemed to have become a savior in their eyes. They could form no words to express their gratitude.

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