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   Chapter 1923 A Debate

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Preternatural flames raged from the cave entrance as if an evil dragon lurked in its depths and constantly fired its burning breath.

The Collapsing Mountain race, the Skyland race, and the Harmony race gathered at the entrance and waited.

It was extremely hot, so much so that if a basin of water was placed here, it would completely evaporate in mere seconds.

Fortunately, this extreme temperature wasn't much of a threat to the warriors present though it still made them feel quite restless.

All of them still thought of the door.

"I finally managed to bring Zen to this place but how could I have known that it would end up like this?" Chapman lamented.

Kaydan's face was also filled with gloom as he stared at the cave entrance. This entire debacle was unacceptable and the strangeness of it all made him feel as if he had been hoodwinked by someone. It was understandable that he was feeling extremely furious by this sudden turn of events.

Tilton of the Harmony race, on the other hand remained calm. In fact, all the warriors of the Harmony race spent this time sitting cross-legged on the scorching rocks and silently cultivating their minds. There was no use waiting around and wasting idle time for them.

As for Laquisha, she couldn't really think of any solutions right now. She hadn't the slightest idea of what happened to Zen.

'You can't really be refined by Holy Drew. I'm counting on you to take me to the Soul Suppressing Cliff like you promised, ' she thought to herself.

"Laquisha, it's so hot in here..." Aleyna complained.

She had the lowest cultivation level amongst all warriors present so her ability to resist the extremely high temperature wasn't as strong.

Laquisha shot Kennan a look and he hurriedly took out a blue, thin, jade hairpin. It looked deceptively ordinary but was actually a treasure even in the divine land.

She took the hairpin and put it on Aleyna who then felt a chill that eased the heat somewhat.

Some of the warriors present easily recognized this hairpin. They couldn't help but feel jealous of the Han Clan at that moment since it was a large family with plentiful wealth and a collection of all kinds of treasures.


Kaydan roared as he stood. Life vitality surged in his body and disturbed the airflow around them. The heat wave swirled around him and made him look extremely formidable. "We cannot keep waiting here. Let me have a look in the cave!"

None of the three races had the ability to enter this cave but Kaydan had mastered a secret technique that would allow him to catch a glimpse of whatever was happeni

reternatural flames?

Within the cave, Holy Jay held a small eyeball in his hand.

"They think that this door will allow them to leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. What they don't know is that this door is merely a furnace prepared for Zen. They could all lead carefree lives here. Why do they want to leave?"

Rocher also looked at the eye. "These people... Did you create them?"

Holy Jay nodded. "Most of them. They've been quite troublesome, causing chaos right ever since I created them."

Rocher smiled. "You are wrong to set such limitations."

"How so?" Holy Jay asked.

"Although I have never been to the divine land, I do know of a creature's heart. Wherever a creature resides, they would always evolve and pursue higher levels of cultivation. Even you aren't an exception to that, right?" Rocher said.

A strange look appeared in Holy Jay's eyes, not really knowing how to refute his words.

"This is the meaning of life," Rocher told him as he stared at the eyeball.

"This doesn't have much meaning," Holy Jay said, shooting an indifferent glance at Rocher. He himself was wise and didn't need to be taught this simple lesson.

Rocher did not really mind. "When a beggar is on the verge of starving to death, a single bun might be even more meaningful compared to a True God earning the title of Holy Being." Rocher didn't care about Holy Jay's stare at all as a confident and calm smile appeared on his face.

His words caused Holy Jay to stiffen and become somewhat speechless.

Once he entered the Holy Realm and built the land, he knew everything about this vast world. However, he found himself unable to refute Rocher's words.

He had not thought of such things for quite some time now.

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