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   Chapter 1922 The Falling Archaeopteryx

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Peculiar, mysterious birds hovered tirelessly in the air above.

When these birds unfolded their wings, the wingspan was at least millions of miles. Every time one of the birds fluttered its wings hard enough, a destructive wind storm was generated. Occasionally, the strange birds wailed like ghosts or howled like wolves.

These strange birds were called Archaeopteryx.

The fledgling birds flew in the sky without ever stopping, not even to rest. Landing on the ground after hovering the skies for millions of years only meant one thing: Death. Thus, they only landed once in their lifetime.

The Archaeopteryx was so enormous that plenty of different creatures were in fact born on its very back. So much so in fact, that a great world formed itself here. The great world would vanish as the bird landed.

Below these unimaginably colossal birds, an even vaster mountain existed.

Despite how grandiose this bird was, in comparison to the mountain, the Archaeopteryx actually appeared extremely insignificant in size.

At the mountain's peak, a young woman sat on a rock, pensively looking up at the sky. It looked like she was observing something above. She stood up suddenly.

"It's landing!"

she said, as she watched a bird falling down to the ground below it.

"Uncle Lean once told me that the Archaeopteryx never landed. If ever they were to fall to the ground, it would mean they were about to die." The bird's figure grew bigger and bigger as it got closer and closer. The woman kept her eyes fixed on the weird bird who appeared to slip in the air.

A single Archaeopteryx could fly for millions of years in the air. Falling down did not only signify the bird's death, but the death of an entire hovering world.

From the moment she'd reached the mountain top, she had had a clear view of these birds, tirelessly hovering in the air above. Lean Qi had told her that these birds were of an enormous size, something completely beyond her imagination. Seeing them from afar though, they were rather hard to distinguish from a large eagle.

However, as the bird before her continued to approach the ground, she realized how right Lean had truly been. This bird was absolutely monstrous. It was literally as big as an entire world. The woman couldn't completely see the bird's true size.

As the bird continued its descent, its grey figure became bigger and bigger. It slowly blocked the woman's sight completely, like an eclipse, or as if a mountain had fallen right before her eyes. What she watched now was simply a giant grey mass. Instead of a bird, an entire world had crept down upon the woman.

From where she was standing, the woman could already spot several creatures upon the Archaeopteryx's back.

Due to its expansive body, the process of reaching the ground was extremely long. That said though, this woman displayed no panic. If she was frightened, she was hiding it well.

On her face though, she wore an expression of concentration as she glared out at the creatures liv

mountain, to the divine land. In a split second though, her father's situation came to her mind.

If Murphy Universe completely corroded Evolutionary Universe, her father would die.

Only her brother could save her father, and that meant her brother couldn't leave the universe.

From start to finish, Yan felt like a spectator on the sidelines, completely incapable of helping her brother. She knew her brother was constantly struggling and striving though. After bringing her to the mountain, Lean had explained the entire story.

What Lean didn't know though, was that she actually preferred knowing nothing about this at all.


The enormous Archaeopteryx had just skimmed over the mountain summit. A mighty current of air was generated as it fell down. The air flew toward them!

Under the blow of this air current, a strong wind storm was generated, together with countless wind blades.

"It's a bit cold," Yan said rather indifferently, as a gust of wind came straight at her.

The wind blades looked like pale gold. The Wind Law in the wind blades was the seventh layer. And this was the divine land, not the universe. In other words, the law here was perfect and there was enough of it to attack a warrior who was at the Soul Sea Realm, Spirit Supreme Realm, and Spirit Transformation Realm.

She stretched out her hand and fiddled with the wind. Purple lights twinkled and the wind blades stopped at her fingertips. From there, she transformed them into a slight breeze. The Wind Law contained within it continued to collapse slowly, becoming life vitality and dissipating from there.

Lean pulled out an emerald cloak and draped it over her shoulders.

Yan walked briskly toward the other side of the summit. Although her demeanor came off frigid and the melancholy in her eyes had dissipated, a vigorous and resolute look appeared on her face.

She had made great progress in terms of her capabilities in such a strange environment over the years. So had her disposition.

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