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   Chapter 1921 The War Had Finally Begun

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"What should we do, Sir?"

All the warriors on the ships scrambled in panic as they turned to the world lord for help.

This world lord was known as Piper Feng. Since the Wind Avoiding World was the closest to the Humanity Alliance, the alliance had sent more warriors to the area than the other forces. Piper Feng was the leader of this team.

Piper Feng's face turned dim as he looked at the supreme world channel that continued to collapse in front of him.

He had already known that this day would come sooner or later, ever since the first day they had been stationed in the place. It was just that he didn't expect that it would be so soon.

"Inform everyone not to resist!" Piper Feng ordered. Now, there were no Supreme Lords in their squad.

In fact, there were only three world lords, and that already included Piper Feng.

Fighting back would seem futile on their side as they were like mere ants that stood in the way of the Sacred race. There was no point in resisting.


"We'll fight them to the death!"

"We're martial artists! Even if we die, we should die a worthy death!"

However, the warriors on the ships were no doubt truly brave.

Many of them weren't afraid of death itself, but rather, of meaningless death.

Instead of just sitting and waiting for their end, they thought it was better to die fighting!

"Crack, crack, crack..."

There were rupturing sounds as the space fell apart, and formed numerous vortexes. The turbulent flows within the vortexes whirled like hurricanes and spread out. The scene was like a myriad of fireworks on a summer night, but none of the martial artists present had the mood to enjoy it.

At that moment, the warriors climbed up to the bows of the ships, their weapons drawn out as they stared straight ahead. All of them were on high alert and in constant vigilance.

Just when the space collapsed in front of the ships and was about to suck the vessels into it, the World Devouring Beast finally stopped.

Only when it had closed its huge mouth with protruding fangs was everyone finally able to see the World Devouring Beast's true appearance. Its bewitching red eyes stared at everyone, instilling fear in the minds of all the martial artists present.

It wasn't long before a few figures appeared on the top of the World Devouring Beast's head.

"Warriors from Sacred race!"

The Sacred race was extremely similar to human race. It was because humans and the other humanoid creatures were originally created based on the Sacred race.

However, the warriors in front of them could be considered as pseudo-Sacred warriors.

Of course, there were still many things that separated the real Sacred warriors from their pseudo counterparts--such as their pupil color, the differences in features, and the body structure.

The Sacred warriors present were all world lords. They emitted an aura of superiority as they stood tall on top of the World Devouring Beast's head.

"You insects, it's time for you to submit. Kneel obediently on the ground and beg for mercy, and we can let your bodies remain whole!" one of the Sacred world lords said.

On the other hand, Piper Feng looked calm. There was no trace of fear

rson was most likely a traitor. It's too easy to find an excuse…"

"I wonder how ready the Celestial Position and other forces are."

In reality, many wars in history had employed such a strategy. The direct cause of some wars was only a small event. Some wars were actually inevitable. The small event was merely an excuse that was arranged deliberately.

The truth was, the martial artist that jumped out of the cyan ship was not a spy arranged by the Sacred race. Just half a month ago, there was a life vitality crystal with a puppet bug in it in the batch of life vitality crystals that had been delivered to the Wind Avoiding World--and the act was done by the Sacred race.

Soon enough, that martial artist devoured the life vitality crystal as he cultivated. At the same time, the puppet bug quietly entered his body.

After that, the Sacred race had been using the puppet bug to control that human martial artist, which then triggered the war.


The World Devouring Beast that had stopped started to move again, and it charged towards the ships!

A sigh escaped from Piper Feng's lips. He already knew that the situation was hopeless, and he could only do his best to resist.

"I will fight to my last breath to resist the evil spirit!"

Life vitality violently surged through his body, then he fearlessly charged towards the World Devouring Beast.

"Fight to resist the evil spirit!"

"Fight to resist the evil spirit!"

Meanwhile, the other martial artists fought fiercely as well. While they knew that they were just cannon fodder of the war, they did not hesitate to charge forward.

The various races of the Evolutionary Universe all used different Calendars, among which the Celestial Position's calendar was the most accurate because the Grand Era Calendar, which they had used was to record the time from the beginning of a grand era.

According to their calendar, it had been three billion three hundred and seventy million nine hundred and ninety years since the birth of the current grand era.

Now, the war of the Sacred race's invasion of the Evolutionary Universe had finally begun.

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