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   Chapter 1920 World Devouring Beast

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With his single eye closed shut, Holy Drew held the source of Godly Tile and entered a state of meditation.

There were too many assumptions and conjectures regarding the source of Godly Tile.

Up until then, no one had been able to discover the true secrets within. The only thing people knew it could do was transform itself into all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Back then, a Holy Being had obtained a huge source of Godly Tile about the height of a person. That Holy Being turned the source of Godly Tile into a hard spear—it had the solidity of a Godly Tile as its only advantage.

And there were more treasures in the divine land apart from this. So even though the source of Godly Tile was a precious treasure in the eyes of the Holy Beings, it was still useless. No one had managed to grasp the correct usage of the item.

Under Holy Drew's meditation, the surface of the Godly Tile began rippling.

The crystal twisted continuously in Holy Drew's hand as if he was holding a constantly shifting drop of water.

The man also had his own thoughts about the source of Godly Tile—he wanted to use it for the creation of a defensive magic treasure that could take form at will.

"If this thing merges with your body, it will be able to transform into clothes or armor as you wish," Holy Drew said as he threw the Godly Tile towards Zen.

The source of Godly Tile was like water as it splashed against Zen's body.

The 'water' then flowed along his figure, being evenly distributed onto the surface of his skin, seeping into his flesh. Then, it turned into a transparent film that wrapped around Zen.

"This time, it should be enough," Holy Drew said as he smiled and turned to look at the corner of the cave. "We can now officially begin."

From a distance, Holy Jay nodded in agreement. It was the most critical and painful step—they were going to put Zen through a thorough refinement.

The door in the cave opened with a bang as Holy Drew dragged Zen through it and disappeared.

In the Evolutionary Universe

After the conversation with the Celestial Position race ended, the entire Sacred race retreated, returning to the three supreme worlds on the edge of the Evolutionary Universe. These worlds were where the now perished Spring race once lived.

Still, people were terrified.

Perhaps many creatures of the lower levels had no knowledge of the Sacred race's purpose. But these people had come from another universe. In the end, they were still a great threat.

In the past year or so, the Sacred race hadn't tried to expand, choosing to stay in three supreme worlds.

But powerful energy fluctuations had come frequently from these worlds. Sometimes, it even caused violent spatial tremors. The warriors of the Wind Avoid

universe in danger!"

"You think being careless would provoke the Sacred race? You really know nothing about them. If the Sacred race wanted to start a war, they'd do it. Besides... Do they even need a reason to start a war?" another warrior said coldly.

"That's right, the Sacred race needs no reason. They'll start a war as they please." And then another warrior agreed.

On the deck, the people continued discussing the matter as they looked on to the depths of the trans-border channel. But the length of the channel was difficult to estimate. No one knew where the lightning from that space had come from.

Then, they suddenly realized that the space around them began its violent fluctuations once again.

"Look! What's that?!" a warrior shouted as he pointed to the front.

Under the crowd's eyes, the trans-border channel in the distance was constantly collapsing at extreme speed. It rapidly spread towards the cyan ships stationed here.

These trans-border channels were fairly stable spaces, usually maintained in turns by a few world lords of a supreme world.

After maintenance, they could last for another several hundred or thousand years. Because of this, it was almost impossible for them to self-destruct.

"Alert! Now!" Someone was shouting.

Boom… Boom…

The drums resounded rapidly on the cyan ships. As soon as everyone climbed up the deck, a giant mouth filled with fangs appeared before them. It seemed to cover the entirety of the supreme world channel as it began gnawing and devouring everything along it.

"It's a World Devouring Beast!" A world lord standing on a ship stared ahead as he shouted.

These beasts that lived in the void of space fed on space and supreme worlds. If the Sacred race used a World Devouring Beast, it was probably with the intention of starting an all-out war.

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