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   Chapter 1919 Source Of Godly Tile

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According to Holy Jay, this Godly Tile had an extremely special history.

It wasn't a complete one, strictly speaking, but was actually a fragment of an enormous Godly Tile.

One day, a creature used the Creating Axe to split open the chaos. From then on, the divine land was formed and numerous creatures appeared and began to multiply in the divine land. Some became True Gods, while some entered the Holy Realm and formed the universes.

After countless divine eras, the divine land managed to develop on such a massive scale.

The moment the Creating Axe split the divine land, three thousand great ways were formed for countless creatures to comprehend.

As culture evolved, these three thousand great ways became the three thousand Godly Ways.

One part of them were widespread across the world such as the Truth Godly Way which served to continuously improve laws in the divine land. This was essential since one of the fundamental elements of being a True God was proficiency in all of the laws.

Some Godly Ways, the Emotion Closing Godly Way, for example, were considered forbidden.

Meanwhile, there were also some Godly Ways that each warrior could cultivate in divine land such as the Wishing Spell that could be used to save one's life.

There was also a multitude of lost ways that failed to be passed down to the next generation and became dust in the course of history.

If three thousand Godly Ways were practiced up to a perfect level, they could condense and form into various Godly Tiles. These Godly Tiles came in different shapes and had different abilities.

Once condensed, a Godly Tile could never be shattered or broken. Even the Godly Tile of a low-rank True God could never be destroyed, not even under a Holy Being's most powerful attack.

What these Godly Tiles truly were was still a disputed matter.

There was no sure answer but most of the debates centered on a key man.

The key man was the one who brandished his Creating Axe and developed the divine land.

The truth could be hidden as time flew but traces would definitely still remain.

The moment the divine land was opened, the Creating Axe was destroyed.

Back then, the divine land was in a primitive state and there was no life anywhere. Who then wrote the legend of the Creating Axe?

Who was the man that brandished the Creating Axe?

In the center of the divine land was the boundless Time Sea. At the end of the Time Sea was a flat and massive plain.

If one flew high

s born out of his blood, sweat, and tears. He worked hard for his current success and there was no way he was going to hand it all over to them just like that.

A few Holy Beings had vaguely mentioned this matter to him over the past hundred years. They all hoped that he would unveil the refining method in order to benefit the entirety of the whole divine land.

It was quite a complicated position Holy Drew was in. Despite cultivating his eye into a small universe and being heralded as a member of the Hall of Holy Beings, Holy Drew still couldn't compete with the warriors who reached the Holy Realm. He didn't enter the Holy Realm, after all. There were still some considerable differences between his abilities and the powers of a Holy Being.

The Hall of Holy Beings was always a united front. Its members had begged him for the publication of his method since all of them felt extremely envious of the supreme chaotic weapons he refined.

There might come a time when the Weapon Refining Association and the Hall of Holy Beings would band together to force him to reveal his secrets. Although these institutions preached about rules, virtue, and morality, Holy Drew knew they were also people who did anything for their own benefit.

It was only Holy Mike who had the gall to resist the Hall of Holy Beings outright.

Holy Drew, who was outwardly respectable, did not have any kind of solid foundation or strong relationship with other Holy Beings in divine land.

Mike and Bromley also helped him out before...

Mike was probably dying now. It was only after Holy Jay found him and informed him of Mike's plan that Holy Drew's mind changed.

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