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   Chapter 1918 A Transparent Godly Tile

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Holy Drew was becoming more and more excited. His single eye shone brightly as he tried to understand what had happened to Zen.

He ripped open his clothes, revealing his lean and taut body. He then grabbed the wine jug and swallowed a big gulp, before spraying it on Zen's body.

In fact, even after arduously working for such a long time, he had only completed the first step of refining, which was tempering.

Since Zen's physical body was a human-shaped weapon, there was no need to rework on his appearance.

Of course, if Zen wanted to change his physical body into another shape, it would be as easy as lifting a finger for Holy Drew.

The liquid in the wine jug was the most famous Sunrest Wood Spring in the divine land.

The four divine trees in the divine land all had their own unique characteristics. The Ray Tree, which was located in the east, was full of vitality, towering at a height of 300 million feet. There were thirteen races residing on the tree, and the most famous one was the Butterfly race. When one entered the Ray Tree, they could smell the fragrance of various types of flowers. It was refreshing and at the same time intoxicating.

The Lofty Tree, which was in the north, looked like a bare wooden pole. It was taller than the Ray Tree, with only one pillar soaring into the sky.

The Hidden Tree, which was in the south, was comparatively shorter. It looked similar to a banyan tree, constantly expanding its roots. The branches of the tree extended in all directions like vines, and the area they covered was very extensive.

The Sunrest Tree, which was in the west, was born at the edge of an endless sea. This tree was as high as the Ray Tree, and the only difference was that the huge trunk of the tree floated on the sea, looking like an island.

The Sunrest Wood Spring was located in the middle of the trunk. A pot of spring would be collected in every hundred years.

The Sunrest Wood Spring was considered like an elixir within the divine land. It could be used for medicinal purposes, and it was mostly loved and craved for by the numerous weapon refiners of the divine land.

The Sunrest Wood Spring contained rich life energy. At times, the inner world of some martial artists would be too weak. During such times, even if one constantly struck it with the Thunder of Life, it would be difficult for it to give birth to new life. But if one placed the Sunrest Wood Spring within the inner world, it could easily do the job.

For the people in the divine land, a hundred years passed in just a blink of an eye. For True Gods who had eternal lifespan, time was not an issue.

However, there was always an insatiable demand for the Sunrest Wood Spring. Hence it was not an easy task to obtain it.

In order to ensure success at the current task, Holy

iors could take away others' Godly Tiles. The divine land was a world full of True Gods. Just a single Godly Tile was unable to make Holy Jay feel weird.

Holy Jay could feel Rocher's doubt, so he explained, "Godly Tiles have one characteristic, and that is they are unbreakable. Although the lifespan of a True God is endless, many True Gods have perished since ancient times. However, almost all of the Godly Tiles have been preserved. Even a Holy Being cannot casually destroy a single Godly Tile."

"Even Holy Beings are unable to destroy Godly Tiles?" Rocher was astonished at this revelation.

Holy Jay nodded. "After a long period of time, some of the Godly Tiles had already lost their divinity and turned into useless Godly Tiles. These useless Godly Tiles keep piling up like a mountain. However, what is astonishing is that even after an unimaginably long period of time, not a single Godly Tile has been damaged, whether those Godly Tiles came from a low-rank True God, a top-rank True God, or even a Holy Being."

Rocher nodded. He was not aware about the ability of these Godly Tiles. If Godly Tiles were refined into weapons, wouldn't that mean the weapons were unbreakable too?

Holy Jay nodded in agreement saying, "There are people who use Godly Tiles as weapons. However, they only use Godly Tiles as the toughest stones to smash people. They are completely unable to process or forge!"

"Then what is Holy Drew up to?" Rocher asked.

Since the Godly Tile couldn't be damaged, what was going on with this transparent Godly Tile that Holy Drew had taken out?

"This Godly Tile is very special. Back then, when this object appeared, the Holy Beings were also fighting over it. In the end, it ended up in his hands. Who would've thought that he would be willing to take it out today!" Holy Jay could not help but sigh at this confusing situation.

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