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   Chapter 1916 Refine

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News of Holy Drew's failure spread throughout the divine land back then. Many weapon refiners mocked him and thought that he had truly been too naive.

The primordial energy-based weapon refining method had been passed down for generations and was the orthodox method for all weapon refiners in the entire divine land.

However, this person here was proposing for a new path in refining weapons through the use of chaotic energy. He was clearly delusional and probably had no idea what he was doing.

Holy Drew's first failure cost him his entire wealth.

Holy Drew had been depressed for a long time after his first failure. There was an established social structure for the divine land. All weapon refiners were required to register in the Weapon Refining Association to get their exclusive tokens and be allowed to sell and auction their wares.

However, Holy Drew had already been expelled from the weapon refining sect he was in which meant he couldn't sell the weapons he had secretly refined. The only choice he had was to trade them in black-market auctions at a low price.

Since his situation was like this then Holy Drew would have to spend an extremely long time accumulating his wealth in order to get enough chaotic energy.

Still, he did not give up.

Given his endless lifespan then time wasn't that much of an issue. As he accumulated his wealth, his long life ensured him of multiple chances of getting things right.

However, he did not expect such a chance to come so quickly in the form of Holy Bromley of the divine land.

That time, Bromley and Mike had already started exploring the chaos.

The story of this young weapon refiner unintentionally made its way to them and caught their interest.

In the end, the two of them sought Holy Drew out and offered to provide him with chaotic energy.

Their words extremely moved Holy Drew.

He was determined to forge a supreme chaotic weapon even if it took him a hundred years to do so. He had no idea just how long he would have to save up in order to achieve his goals and there was no guarantee that he would succeed.

Of course, he could still try again and again.

However, that would take him an extremely long time.

Success wasn't that easy.

He failed a total of 76 times before he successfully refined his first supreme chaotic weapon.

Bromley studied chaos deeply and he was sure that the chaotic energy could be utilized in forging a weapon. Primordial energy could be considered similar to life vitality but chaotic energy was somewhat a bit different. It exceeded this level of life vitality and was the source of all things, nonetheless, it could still very much be used to refine a supreme chaotic weapon.

On his seventy-seventh attempt, Holy Drew finally refined his first supreme chaotic weapon!

The appearance of this supreme ch

ted. Since Zen was being taken away, she had no choice but to continue giving chase.

The cave wasn't very deep. Holy Drew quickly arrived at the bottom where there was a curved entrance of another cave lit with green flames.

Carrying Zen, Holy Drew rushed into the cave with no hesitation.

This cave was the very same one Chapman and Kaydan discovered back then.

Both of them had mixed feelings when they saw this. They were counting on Zen to enter the cave and bring out the door.

Right now, Zen did indeed enter the cave but he didn't do it by himself. He was now held captive by Holy Drew which complicated the entire situation.


There was a loud, booming noise as Chapman smashed his fist on the wall. He had travelled a long way to bring Zen to the destination but something as ridiculous as this happened. Now all they could do was stand there helplessly.

The cave was illuminated and filled with green flames. The one-eyed man brought Zen in and tossed him to the ground.

Zen quickly rolled over and stood up. He couldn't help but glare at the one-eyed man.

The green flames burned him and his body was already glowing golden as he began to frantically absorb the green flames.

"What are you trying to do?" Zen asked coldly.

However, the one-eyed man did not answer. He simply moved his body and swung the golden hammer towards Zen's chest!

It happened so fast that Zen was unable to react on time. Before he even knew what was happening, the golden hammer already hit him on the chest.

There was a muffled sound as an extremely great power spread out from the golden hammer and entered Zen's body.

Fortunately, despite being hit with such strong force, it was distributed quite evenly and penetrated into every part of Zen's body.

Even so, Zen still felt as if he'd been struck by lightning and all his internal organs had been displaced.

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