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   Chapter 1915 Holy Drew (Part Two)

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"Follow him! Don't let him escape from our field of vision."

Kaydan and the rest were still in pursuit. Frustration colored their expression as they knew that they were no match for Zen's captor. All they could do was follow Zen and his captor from afar. No one decided to get close and charge at the one-eyed man because they concluded that it would just mean instant death.

The two ladies of the Han Clan led the warriors of the Han Clan as they also followed at the back of the group. With a confused tone, Laquisha narrowed her eyes and said, "Aleyna, why do I feel like this person looks somewhat familiar?"

Aleyna looked at Lauisha but she shook her head and replied, "I don't know this person…"

"Kennan, what do you think? Do you recognize him?" Laquisha asked again as she shifted her gaze towards Kennan.

Kennan and other world lords shook their heads simultaneously. These world lords didn't have a high status in the Han Clan. In fact, if Laquisha cultivated in the divine land, her guards would definitely be True Gods, and the world lords were not qualified to fulfill such a job. However, since there was no way for a True God to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the Han Clan could only send world lords to act as her guards. With their low status in the house, these world lords even rarely had the chance to see the Holy Emperor, and it was less likely for them to see any of the top figures.

"Your Highness, I'm sorry but I don't know him." Kennan shook his head.

Laquisha frowned and thought for a moment before she spoke calmly, "Six years ago, after the great council meeting of the Hall of Holy Beings, they picked the sprouts of the Ray Trees. Father once invited all the Holy Beings to a banquet. I seem to have seen this person at the

e had tried yet to put the idea into action.

After Holy Drew came up with his hypothesis, he embarked on a journey to test it out without any delay.

As a low-rank True God, it was difficult to obtain chaotic energy. Only Holy Beings would be powerful enough to roam in the chaos. However, this did not mean that there was no chaotic energy available in the divine land.

There was the Ray Wood in the east, the Sunrest Wood in the west, the Lofty Wood in the north, and the Hidden Wood in the south. The roots of these four divine trees were all buried at the edge of the divine land. The roots of these divine trees stretched for hundreds of millions of miles, reached the periphery of the divine land, deep into the chaos, and continuously absorbed the chaotic energy in the chaos.

Holy Drew had visited all the four divine trees before, and in the end, he had paid a considerable price. Despite the near depletion of all of his wealth, he finally obtained chaotic energy from the Hidden Wood in the south.

The gathered chaotic energy was then being refined into the weapons according to Holy Drew's hypothesis.

However, his first attempt ended up as a miserable failure.

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