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   Chapter 1914 Holy Drew (Part One)

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As the man slowly reached out his hand to grab Zen, it seemed all paths of retreat for Zen were sealed off. The man's expression was apathetic yet it gave Zen an immense amount of pressure. There was no room for Zen to evade the man's approach.

The nine stars in Zen's inner world continuously transformed chaotic energy. However, the amount of chaotic energy in his inner world was limited as well. If he absorbed too much chaotic energy at once, his inner world might dry up and crumble.

Zen had already guessed that the person in front of him was sent here by Holy Jay. However, he didn't know anything about this arrangement.

When the person finally grabbed him, Zen suddenly twisted his body violently to break free.

The person seized Zen's shoulder and was able to suppress Zen by sheer force. Frustration painted Zen's face as he remained a captive of the man. With the man's unparalleled strength, Zen was lifted above the man's shoulder.

Whether it was brute strength or the mastery of techniques that used sheer force, Zen was far inferior to the person who captured him.

With a fierce aura, the person strode forward and carried Zen on one shoulder and the golden hammer on the other shoulder. He walked with a dignified and powerful atmosphere as if he couldn't be bothered by anything or anyone in his path. The others who saw how Zen was captured followed Zen and his captor. However, their existence was completely ignored by the one-eyed man.

"Let me go!" Zen shouted with a harsh tone.

Although he was already seized by the man, it didn't mean that Zen couldn't resist. Zen immediately thought about how he could escape his captor.

"I advise you to be obedient. It's useless to resist. Do you really think you can escape from me?" the one-eyed man asked coldly. His tone was calm, yet carried a somewhat heavy pressure.


bdomen and wrapped around Zen's cinnabar field. Zen instantly felt as if his connection with his inner world was severed!

"Relax, it's only a sealing technique. Your inner world should be similar to the universe built by a Holy Being, and it has the Cross-world Theurgy. I temporarily modified this technique. However, I advise you not to make any move. If it actually cuts your connection with your inner world, I will feel very guilty," the one-eyed man said blandly.

Without the ability to use his inner world, Zen had no choice but to obey the one-eyed man.

Aside from his superior strength and technique, the one-eyed man also understood Zen very well. He was even aware that Zen's inner world was different from that of an ordinary warrior. The one-eyed man's unimaginable power and intellect made Zen hard to resist or escape.

However, Zen felt relieved even though he was captured. Although the one-eyed man didn't look like a good person, he did not murder anyone when he captured Zen. Additionally, he knew Zen very well and even Zen's inner world construction. Zen guessed that the one-eyed man might be someone under the employ of Holy Jay. However, he still couldn't figure out what his purpose of abducting him was.

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