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   Chapter 1913 The Blacksmith

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After he finished speaking, the one-eyed man brandished the golden hammer and swung it mightily.

With a sound of "doh", the golden hammer fell into the ground.

Even though the ground was hit by a heavy hammer, the bottom of the cave was unscratched. Only a faint halo spread out from the point of impact.

Ten feet...

A thousand feet...

Ten thousand feet...

A hundred thousand feet...

Ten million feet...

From the deepest underground to the highest place in the air...

In the interior world, the exterior world, and the whole Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, everything was shaking.

"Jay! Come out!" the one-eyed man shouted.

Not seeing any response, the man started to hit the ground with his hammer again.

With another slam, the whole Divine Refinement Forbidden Land trembled more intensely.

As he was talking with Rocher, Holy Jay revealed a small smile on his face...

"The blacksmith doesn't have the patience for waiting," Holy Jay said, as he halted the conversation.

Rocher smiled inwardly as he felt the quaking of the ground. He wondered what kind of power the blacksmith possessed that made the whole Divine Refinement Forbidden Land tremble.

Divine Refinement Forbidden Land might not be as big as a universe, but an ordinary man didn't have the capability for such a movement.

Rocher nodded and said, "I will wait here for you, Holy Jay."

"No. Please join me." Holy Jay stretched out his hand and grasped Rocher's.

Without any preamble, Rocher felt the world spin around and the view changed.

They were transported into a cave.

"Knock and you will know!" Holy Jay said in an unhappy tone.

The one-eyed man in the cave just chuckled. Holding the golden hammer, he rubbed his nose and smiled as he said, "My hammer is too thirsty. That boy has come!"

"Do I need your reminder?" Holy Jay couldn't help but roll his eyes. He could clearly feel any movement in his inner world. He could even perceive a group of ants moving towards home, or a dead leaf falling down.

"Well, may I take an action now? May I kill all the trouble-makers around him?" the one-eyed man asked.

In his eye, all the people around Zen were worthless and could be rooted out by him easily. Zen was the only exception and was the most precious thing for him.

"The two daughters from Han Clan are among them. Do you want to kill them too?" Holy Jay smiled coldly.

The one-eyed man snorted disdainfully and said, "If they are just from a branch of the Han Clan, I wouldn't worry about it."

To some extent, the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land took care of t

is way, instead of doing anything rash.

This activity was far too important for Chapman and the others. He couldn't allow anyone to interfere with their plan.

Ignoring Chapman's warning, the one-eyed man still continued his way to Zen.

Neither of them changed their course, so a bump was inevitable.

The one-eyed man didn't slow down even slightly. He bumped Chapman as if he was just a curtain. His pace wasn't hindered by Chapman at all; he just continued walking.

Chapman paled. With a sound of stuffy buzz, his huge body crashed on the ground and nearly fell into the lava. Lying on the ground, he was unable to get back up! It sparked some conflicted emotions in his heart.

Before the collision, Chapman accumulated ninety percent of his power secretly. However, Chapman himself felt like a piece of thin paper and didn't even offer the slightest resistance to the one-eyed man!

This just showed that these two were not in the same level. Chapman was just like a small ant standing in front of an elephant; he was unqualified to hinder the one-eyed man's way.

Kaydan's and Tilton's faces fell. Kaydan had intended to take action, but he didn't. Seeing that Chapman fell down, Kaydan realized that this one-eyed man's power was beyond his imagination.

Even with all of their combined power, they wouldn't come close to the strength of this man's finger.

Kaydan suppressed his impulse to take an action and said in a low voice, "Respected master, could you let us know what you want to do?"

The one-eyed man didn't reply to Kaydan's question. He just approached Zen and said, "I have been waiting you for a long time. Please follow me." He stretched out his hand and grasped Zen's as he completed his words.

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