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   Chapter 1912 The Cave

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It was the second time around that Kaydan, Chapman, and some of others had entered this cave.

But sadly, up to this moment, these six great races hadn't made much progress in their quest and exploration of the interior world.

For example, in a place like the Soul Suppressing Cliff, they all knew that one would need a black trial tally for them to gain entry. But obtaining a black trial tally would never be easy.

The accumulated purple trial tallies of the six races were as huge as a big mountain. Chapman and Kaydan had once conveyed with their prophets, as to whether or not they would be permitted to use purple trial tallies in exchange for the black trial tally. However, they failed to receive an affirmative response, as the answer they got was a big no.

These places were not even prepared for the natives. Those prophets were the incarnations of Holy Jay. How could Holy Jay allow them to enter these places?

Though they felt helpless, the six races could only continue to explore the interior world, until they finally spotted this strange cave.

In the depths of the natural chamber of this cave, they eventually found some clue. What was striking was the dark green flame filling up the entire cave. It held a strength that was so powerful, a mysterious force akin to something they could not easily defeat.

By this time, Kaydan and Chapman both were seriously mulling over. They thought of figuring out ways on how to deal with this green flame. But in the end, they were all disappointed and left with no choice but to give up.

They noted that anything thrown in would be melted by the green flame, leaving no trace at all. Even a small piece of the Magic Golden Stone would be quickly melted into a golden liquid the moment it came into contact with the green flame.

With the existence of this kind of flame, it only denoted that no one was welcome to enter.

Kaydan was silently not willing to accept this loss. Before he left, he had used the Eye of Void, which was taught to the Skyland race by martial artists from the divine land, and that was to use life vitality to visualize the Eye of Void. Through this Eye of Void, they would be able to see the scene inside the cave.

The shape of the Eye of Void was very special. Other than it was formed from life vitality, it also needed to be fused with the Space Law.

This eye was traveling at the front and back of the space, shuttling back and forth, so it could avoid the green flame in the cave to a certain extent.

Even the Eye of Void was only able to last half a minute in this green flame. Beyond that, it could no longer resist the scorching heat of the green flame. And for another three seconds longer, it would turn into pieces.

The natives would simply tend to give up if they didn't see anything helpful in the cave.

They would not try to deal with the dangerous green flame for nothing. Even though they were natives of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, it did not mean that they were invincible in this place. There were some things that they could not afford to provoke, such as the Martial Sacred Beast and the green flame in the cav

ure. I wonder how it will end up in the hands of the Skyland race." Kennan nodded.

The Ice Butterfly Picture could be considered an all-powerful ice-attribute treasure in the Han Clan. The Ice Butterfly Picture might have been passed down from the Han Clan to the other people in the divine land, and then the Skyland race got it. Or it could also be the Han Clan who gave it to the Skyland race.

The three races paid much attention to the trip and made preparations for it in advance. They had many other methods hidden away to deal with the unexpected. However, after passing through the black ball, they were directly teleported to their destination by Holy Jay, which saved them a lot of trouble, and naturally, they did not use any of those methods. Therefore, when they saw this cave, Kaydan and the rest were overjoyed.

The moment Kaydan took out the Ice Butterfly Picture, the heat was already cooled down to some extent. In this cave filled with green lava, it was as if everyone was falling into a land of frost. An illusory chill spread out, and ice and snow flew about, instantly enveloping everyone within.

And when the horses made of green lava rushed over and did not even get close to the group of people, a group of ice butterflies that were as clean as snow danced and flew towards them.

As soon as the ice butterflies came into contact with the horses, they were instantly melted into ashes. However, every single ice butterfly was able to emit a large amount of chilliness. And as the countless ice butterflies flew over, they continuously melted helplessly. The horses formed from the green lava also quickly disintegrated, turning into a pile of dark green stones that fell back into the lava.

At this moment, deep within the cave, an old man dressed in black armor held a golden hammer in his hand. His one remaining eye was wide open as he silently watched Zen, who was among them. He clicked his tongue twice and extended his snake-like tongue to lick the tip of his nose. "Jay didn't lie to me. There is such a unique raw material in this world. How interesting!"

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