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   Chapter 1911 Rocher's Choice

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Once Carney had led Rocher into the tent, the prophet of the Kaleidoscope race waved his hand. "You may leave now."

With attitude, Carney smiled and said, "I'm curious to know what you want to talk about. Mind if I stay and listen?"

The prophet frowned and waved his hand a second time. A formless energy immediately sent Carney and the others with him out of the tent. The energy was irresistible.

That matter taken care of, the tent's curtain was drawn down and all auras were isolated.

Indignation was the only expression plastered on the faces of Carney and the core members of the Kaleidoscope race.

"Humph! This old man has no good intentions toward our Kaleidoscope race," said one of the warriors who had been pushed out of the tent.

A helpless look appeared on Carney's face. "There's nothing I can do. It's exactly what the warriors from the divine land told us. We, the native warriors of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, are unable to pursue the Godly Way or leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. The Skyland race, the Collapsing Mountain race and the Harmony race still haven't given up, though. They don't know that their efforts would go in vain!"

The six races often received warriors from the divine land. They weren't fools. They always had their means of obtaining information from such warriors.

In fact, the leaders of the six races were well aware of their conditions. The prophets of the six races not only had a mysterious background, and they had never considered their respective races.

However, the prophets of the other five races and their respective races had not yet fallen out. Carney of the Kaleidoscope race, on the other hand, had already fought with the prophet of their race on several occasions.

Carney and the race members' conversation was heard by Rocher and the prophet, who were still inside the tent.

Rocher's curiosity kept increasing with reason. Although he didn't know what kind of conflict was going on between Carney and the prophet, but he sure as hell wanted to find out.

Upon noticing Rocher's expression, the prophet decided he'd be the first to speak. "Alas! These little fellows are getting harder and harder to manage. They always want the truth, but they don't know that only those who are kept from such raw bitterness can lead a happy life."

Rocher shook his head, disagreeing with the prophet's words. "Ultimately, one must have at least a few goals in their life."

The people of the six races didn't have any natural enemies in this Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, and there were no conflicts or wars among them. They didn't have the pressure of needing to fight for their survival. But still, they had their own goals.

"But for the sake of building the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, I didn't create an exit for them to possible leave this place," a faint voice suddenly chipped in.

Unexpectedly, a third person appeared inside the tent.

The individual was dressed in black embroidered clothes, and his figure was neither fat nor thin. One thing for certain, his aura was extremely strange.

With Rocher's keen senses, he could usually sense the flow of any presence in the surroundings. If this person had entered the tent through spatial transference, then typically speakin


He had obtained a little information that was rather difficult to imagine. Through this information though, he had seen the entire divine land.

The divine land was a highly civilized world, filled with many rules that had to be respected. Immortality was an illusory pursuit of the creatures of all universes, but it was not difficult to achieve in the divine land—at least not for Rocher.

He had wanted to reach the peak of the world of martial arts, but after seeing things from a different eye, he could only sigh to himself. The peak of the world of martial arts was no longer attractive to him. Now that the veil of mystery had been lifted in front of him, the scenery it was hiding simply didn't attract him.

On the other hand though, he had developed a strong interest for the plans left behind by Holy Bromley.

It was as if the plan had been tailor-made for him!

He knew that when the plan was enacted, it would be the moment of his death. However, he had agreed to it in a near instant, without a trace of hesitation.

Not only for Zen, but equally for himself.

"I like your answer," said Holy Jay. "Having the ability to live for so long is indeed quite boring! Throughout your trip in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, I will do everything I can to increase your strength."

The current situation in the Divine Land was rather complicated, and Holy Jay didn't want to talk about such things here.

"What about Zen?" Rocher asked.

"Zen?" Holy Jay gave him a faint smile. "The blacksmith and crafting furnace have been prepared. He has just entered, and his body will be thoroughly refined soon."

Chapman, Kaydan and Tilton were all in a good mood. This trip to the interior world was rather unlucky at the beginning, as they'd encountered so many Formless Sky Pythons that started chasing them. However, they never expected that their misfortune would suddenly take a turn for the better. They quickly arrived at their destination.

Unfortunately though, they didn't know that this place was merely a crafting furnace meticulously prepared for Zen by Holy Jay. Here, he planned to carry out one of the most complete body refining exercises ever.

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