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   Chapter 1910 Wind Exterminating Valley

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In the exterior world of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the Kaleidoscope race owned the Wind Exterminating Valley.

Reaching high up into the sky, the tablets were standing in the Wind Exterminating Valley. Beneath the light, these said tablets had a beautiful, dazzling hue.

On the tablets was a recording of Holy Jay's understanding on all kinds of laws. Here, he exhibited his comprehension concerning the laws in order to help the warriors who came here to better understand them.

Among the six great cultivation sacred places, the Wind Exterminating Valley wasn't a popular one for cultivation.

In other words, any warrior from the divine land showed no interest in particular for this place.

Because these said warriors were actually qualified to practice the most orthodox of laws all throughout the divine land.

Any law in a universe was actually the Holy Being's comprehension over such in the divine land. They were created directly through the Holy Being's understanding. If anyone from the divine land wanted to practice the laws, there was no need for them to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. They could just stay within the divine land instead.

On the contrary though, warriors from the universes as well as the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land were very interested in the Wind Exterminating Valley.

Rocher had been sitting in front of a tablet for three days now.

The tablet in front of him recorded the Thunder Law. The tablet had ten levels. If one took the time to observe the tablet, it was possible to observe very conspicuous level of law.

The lowest one recorded the first layer of Thunder Law, where the Law Power was intense, however easy to understand.

The higher the layer was, the more intense the Thunder Law was. Starting from the fourth level, a blue lightning appeared and intertwined continuously around the tablet. Every time a lightning bolt would strike, its streak of light would speedily climb upward, like a snake. The lightning grew stronger and stronger and the rapid and frequent color changes began to spread out.

The azure blue color of the lightening changed into white, then black, over to purple and into cyan...

These numerous, different colors were a representation of the Thunder Law.

As the lightening reached the top of the tablet, it transformed into thunder, sounding out a violent rumble before disappearing completely.

Rocher only had a limited amount of time.

He searched for the Law Power he required in the Wind Exterminating Valley and made a record of such, all while reconstructing this same law within his own inner world. By doing so, he could master the Thunder Law completely.

What was more, he had to go to visit Skyland race. Pristine Life Vitality was critical for him, too. Due to the limited time, he had to comprehend the law in tablet as soon as possible.


A bolt of lightning spread out across the whole tablet, from the bottom all the way to the top.

However, once the bolt had spread out and tur

d the Kaleidoscope race leader reach Rocher personally, Nathan could do nothing but sigh silently.

"Your name is Rocher Hua?" Carney asked.

Rocher didn't reply. He did raise his head though, his gaze fixated on the massive tablet.

"Our leader is asking you a question." A Kaleidoscope race member couldn't help but berate.

"Don't interrupt him," Carney said, as he demonstrated extreme patience, stopping his clansman from egging forward. Then, Carney stood to the side and waited, all while hinting at his clansmen not to make a ruckus.

Although Rocher's eyes were wide open, it seemed more as though he had entered a meditative state. His two eyes stared blankly at the tablet without any motion.


Another bolt of lightning rose from the bottom, shooting up into the sky and spreading into a glowing net.


A thin streak of lightning once again appeared from within the thunderstorm. It was released from the top of the tablet and drilled into Rocher's cinnabar field. Once again, it transformed into a small tablet within his inner world.

Only then did Rocher slowly turn his head. With a smile on his face, he looked at Carney and said, "Sorry, just now, I …"

"You were completely immersed in studying the law and I should be happy about that. How can you say you're sorry?" Carney smiled slightly and said, "However, the prophet from our race has personally invited you, which might delay your learning for a short while."

"Prophet?" Rocher frowned, but soon after, he relaxed. He didn't have many concerns and said, "OK."

What he knew was already more than what Zen did. There were many things that didn't require explanation, and he could guess at a rough idea.

"Come with me, Rocher," said Carney, as he headed towards the depths of Wind Exterminating Valley. Together, they followed a long, winding tunnel deep into the valley.

Not long after, a tent appeared at the end of the tunnel. Naturally, the old man sitting in the tent was the Kaleidoscope race's prophet.

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