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   Chapter 1909 Magma Area

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The group of people could only continue pushing forward in the darkness, fumbling their way around with their senses instead of their eyes.

Although the interior of this black ball was completely empty and void, it still served a true purpose. Holy Jay had created it with the intentions of observing certain specific creatures.

Because they could only utilize their sensory perception, they naturally wouldn't be able to sense anything other than their own group of people.

As soon as a person's figure appeared before the group though, everyone suddenly became vigilant and aware at the same time. Out of shock and surprise, hundreds of senses continued to scan Zen's body in all its length.

"It's me," Zen stated loud enough for the group to hear.

"Zen?" Kaydan's voice questioned, his tone full of astonishment. "Wasn't he always a part of the group? How did he suddenly get up to the front?"

"Huh?" A confused expression appeared on Laquisha's face. Hadn't Zen stayed by her side the entire time? How could this have happened? Why were this fellow's actions so strange? She half-expectantly reached a hand out by her side, only to realize she had no target. She didn't touch anyone, and no one grabbed her hand in return. Obviously, Zen had disappeared without her knowing.

"Why did you walk to the front?" Kaydan asked.

"I just needed a break, I'm confused and don't know what's going on," Zen made up a clumsy excuse. He wasn't afraid of being exposed here, though. Anything could happen in the dark and even if he couldn't truly explain himself, the rest of them wouldn't be capable of doing so either.

"Oh," replied Kaydan. Although Kaydan was somewhat puzzled, he didn't linger over this small detail. Right now, his mission was to lead everyone out of this black sphere.

Many warriors continued to feel concern and began to whisper their worry within their hearts.

It didn't make any sense. If Zen really did take a break from walking, wouldn't he be at the back of the group? To the contrary though, he had appeared at the front. This could only mean one thing: They were walking in circles.

Quite a number of warriors had already speculated that they had been going around in circles prior to this exact moment. Now though, they had finally found some sort of corroboration.


In an instant, a few of the warriors immediately sat down. "It's no use," someone stated. "We're just going in circles. I doubt if we'll ever be able to leave this place!"

"You're right!" someone else agreed. "How can the inner space of this sphere be so big? From what I see, there's no exit at all…"


Most of the complaining individuals were in fact the warriors from other races, or again, warriors from the divine land. On the other hand, the warriors from the three great races kept their silence.

When Zen returned to the group, he didn't appear panicked at all.

While he had been talking with Holy Jay, it was only natural for these warriors to have no way out of the black sphere. For the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, this was a small trick that could be completed simply with just his mind.

"Continue walking," Kaydan said, without trace of emotion. He didn't show a

ere almost too difficult to dodge. Although this magma rain wasn't fatal, having it fall onto one's body was far from pleasant.

Even the two ladies from Han Clan who were protected by the twenty world lords on their journey still couldn't avoid the magma rain. This was especially true for Aleyna, whose purple robe now had several burn holes in it.

Four hours later, the group had finally crossed through the magma area. Together, the group let out an enormous sigh of relief. Once they looked at one another though, they quickly noticed how miserable they all looked.

That was when the warriors' eyes began to fall on Zen. Their miserable expressions began to change into confused ones.

Zen was still wearing the same ordinary cyan robe. It seemed as though not a single part of his body had been damaged. He hadn't even been affected by the pillars of magma at all!

Although Kaydan, Tilton, and Chapman had been wandering around Zen, the three leaders had also been more or less affected. Because Zen appeared perfectly safe and sound, everyone suddenly felt that this occurrence was rather strange. Even luck wasn't good enough to explain this one.

A wry trace of a smile revealed itself on Zen's face. This could only naturally be Holy Jay's arrangement. Sure, he had agreed to help him, but there was no need to be obvious about it, right?

Fortunately, the warriors present didn't suspect anything. They only thought that Zen's luck was too good to be true. After taking a small break, the warriors continued on their way.

After passing through the magma area, a black cliff appeared in front of them. The side of the cliff was square and smooth like a mirror. Right in the middle of the square cliff was a round hole.

"We are here! Come with me!"

Kaydan shouted, taking the lead and heading straight for the circular hole.

Seeing how positive Kaydan was, Zen's curiosity was suddenly piqued. Just what exactly did they want him to take for them? Or rather, what would make them believe that it was possible for them to leave the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land? Had he remembered this earlier, he would have asked Holy Jay...

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