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   Chapter 1908 A Heart

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Hearing Holy Jay's explanation, Zen finally connected all the clues he had gathered.

Having obtained the Grand Weapon Refining Method and the Primal Chaos Technique, he thought he was lucky. But all of these had actually been arranged by them in advance.

The creator of the Primal Chaos Technique, a man called Bromley Gu, was also the master of the fairy palace. It wasn't by chance that he created the Primal Chaos Technique. He and his friends guessed that there was a higher level of life and civilization, but that kind of life was hard to understand. They couldn't even recognize its shape.

After Mike was attacked by the people of the Hall of Holy Beings, he was left in a half-dead state.

There was a saying among Holy Beings—as long as the universe existed, the Holy Being who created the universe was immortal. And to a certain extent, the saying was true.

But a universe wasn't an isolated area. No matter how well one constructed the universe, the life vitality within inevitably leaked out. Without a Holy Being to replenish the life vitality, the universe would eventually weaken and perish.

But Holy Bromley, the most intelligent among the three of them, had helped Mike come up with a way to make the Evolutionary Universe truly last forever.

Such was the Grand Era Tribulation.

In the other universes, there was no such thing as a grand era that lasted 3.6 billion years. Such universes wouldn't perish after that period.

After a Holy Being built a universe, it remained stable—so long as they maintained it regularly by providing life vitality, they could maintain the universe's entire operation.

But it was impossible for Mike to do this in his half-dead state, so he decided to listen to Bromley and set up the Grand Era Tribulation. Every 3.6 billion years, the universe went extinct.

With the exception of the nine stars, all stars fell and all living creatures withered. Mountains collapsed and rivers flowed backward. From the great to the supreme worlds, not a single thing was spared.

When that time came, the entire universe would begin to shrink.

Its space would be reduced to about two-thirds of its original size.

During this period of contraction, the universe began to go extinct. And after that, the entire universe expanded once again.

The universe was attached to the edge of the divine land. After shrinking, it would expand. Under the effects of the shrinking and expanding, it produced a powerful suction effect that absorbed life vitality from the divine land and put it into the universe.

The Evolutionary Universe was like a heart—constantly contracting and expanding. It would beat once every 3.6 billion years of age to absorb life vitality.

Every time it absorbed li

ult a task he had to deal with, Zen wasn't one to ever put his hopes in anyone else. Though his life was short, he never hesitated in the face of any battle. All he wanted was to cultivate and grow stronger.

But this time, Zen fell into a dilemma.

'Am I really going to butter up a woman for my own sake?' he thought.

Patting his shoulder again, Holy Jay said, "You may leave now. I will arrange everything for the rest of your journey. Now, I have to go see someone else."

"Who?" Zen asked curiously.

"You should know him. You both came from the same place. Rocher Hua."

"Rocher?" Zen was stunned.

Giving Zen a smile, Holy Jay continued, "He's taking another path, one that might be even crueler than yours—a path he may die on."

"Why?" Zen's gaze darkened.

"Don't ask too many questions. What I've told you might not sound so complicated, but it isn't that simple, either. There are some things crueler than you can imagine."


Holy Jay's voice grew softer and softer as the distance between him and Zen grew further and further until he finally disappeared.

"Holy Jay?"

"Holy Jay!"

"Holy Jay!"

In the darkness, Zen kept calling out his name.

But Holy Jay gave no response; he had completely disappeared.

Just then, there was another whisper. When Zen listened in close, he realized that it was Kaydan and the rest talking amongst themselves.

"This is strange. It's taking so much longer than before. We haven't even found the exit," Kaydan muttered.

"It should be around here, right?"

"I don't think we'll be trapped here…"

In the absolute darkness, everyone's mood fell. Perhaps there really was no way out of the black sphere.

But right at this moment, they sensed another presence in front of them. Kaydan was the first to shout, "Who are you? Who's there?"

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