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   Chapter 1907 Holy Bromley

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Zen's expression changed as soon as Holy Jay finished speaking.

"What do you know?" Zen asked coldly.

Talking to a Holy Being in this tone was very rude, but Holy Jay had expected this reaction from Zen and was unbothered by it.

"As you now know, Mike is your father," Holy Jay said.

Zen had come up with this conclusion after his conversation with the Han sisters in the Skyland race tower.

It seemed Holy Jay had been paying attention to him ever since he entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, or else he wouldn't have known about the forming suspicion on Zen's mind about Mike being his father.

Zen had only speculated before as he had no way of confirming Mike's identity. After all, it could very well just be a coincidence. Anyone could have the same name as his father...

But now that he heard it from Holy Jay himself, the situation looked completely different.

He didn't think Holy Jay was bored enough that he would kid him.

Moreover, if what Holy Jay said was anything to go by, Holy Jay seemed to have a close relationship with Zen's father and was helping him!

And as he thought further, his rather lucky encounters in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land were all starting to make sense. Holy Jay had set up the land to release all of his energy, which Zen thought, had been a very generous gesture.

However, no Holy Being would willingly give a third of their strength source. Doing so was just being an idiot.

And what was odder was that Zen never encountered any obstacles even when he had absorbed so much strength source.

Holy Jay stepped closer to Zen, the darkness doing nothing to stop him from eyeing the boy. His gaze was so intense it was as if he could see through Zen's soul. And it did. Holy Jay could see everything, from the nine Genuine Dragons, the huge furnace, down into Zen's elixir field.

However, he reached a block as he came just outside of Zen's inner world, preventing him from peering in.

In an ordinary martial artist, the elixir field was connected to the inner world. As the saying went, one flower was a world. An elixir field could contain a world. The inner world truly did exist within the elixir field.

But with Zen, it was completely different. His inner world existed in the chaos, a place outside of the divine land.

Zen was the only one that could communicate with his inner world

hem he couldn't see.

"Of course, the race that created these Sanskrit characters is able to decipher them," Holy Jay continued excitedly, "since the way the world appears in their eyes is completely different from ours! I have an analogy for this. When we see a flower, we only see a flower. When we see a grain of sand, we only see a grain of sand, but! These extraordinary creatures can see every detail in that flower—the meridians in the center, every pollen, every nook and cranny..."

"And this is amazing?" Zen asked. Holy Jay's theory still confused him. Plus, it wasn't really difficult for some warriors to see through the structure of some things, was it?

"Very much so." Holy Jay answered enthusiastically. "They are higher beings whose existences are far beyond our understanding. Back then, your father, Holy Bromley who taught you the Primal Chaos Technique, and I found traces of these creatures and started a new quest..."

Holy Jay had completely lost his strong warrior demeanor as he talked about these things.

"Holy Bromley?" Zen suddenly froze.

His master's name was Bromley. He was called Holy Bromley in the universe and his father was Holy Mike...

Holy Jay was a new Holy Being, which meant Holy Mike and Holy Bromley were both his seniors. The three of them had a very good relationship with each other.

When they had discovered the traces of extraordinary creatures, they continued to explore, and Zen's Grand Weapon Refining Method, Xenia's page of Sanskrit words, and Holy Jay's Ice Soul Flame had all been developed during the exploration.

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