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   Chapter 1906 Encounter With Holy Jay

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Zen was quite familiar with the Sanskrit language.

So he immediately recognized the word, as soon as it was revealed.

The entire structure of the Sanskrit was smooth, but complicated. Each stroke looked like they were made up of small tadpoles.

A single word in the Sanskrit usually contained around 30-40 strokes.

Each language carried the culture of a race. In general, the simpler the text, the more excellent it was. After all, learning a language cost time. Moreover, it was easier to learn and understand a simple language.

In his entire journey, Zen came across many races and was familiar with their languages. But he had never seen a race with such complex language.

If his guess was right, this race that practiced the Sanskrit language was definitely a very intelligent race. Perhaps this race existed within the divine land.

The golden Sanskrit word flashed for a moment, and then completely disappeared. Zen suddenly realized that his group was getting further and further away from him.

He frowned as he felt a bit peculiar about the situation.

The group was moving unusually fast in the dark.

Realizing that there was something strange going on, Zen increased his pace and chased after them.

While chasing them, Zen could hear Kennan, Laquisha, Chapman and Kaydan whispering to each other. But their voices were sounding softer, implying that they were getting farther away.

"Kaydan!" "Chapman!" "Laquisha!" Zen shouted after them.

However, they reacted as if they did not hear him at all. They were still whispering to each other and continued to move away.

"What is happening?"

Zen realized that there was little he could do about the situation. Moreover, he had yet to recover his strength. Till now, his body had only recovered ten percent of the strength after absorbing the dragon scales' power.

"Once they realize that I am not around, they will probably stop and search for me. But, from the looks of it, these people don't find anything amiss." Zen frowned.

What Zen was not aware was that there was one more person in the group.

That person's aura, appearance, and even the voice were exactly the same as Zen's. Generally, these warriors could use their senses to check their surroundings, but even Laquisha didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. They thought that Zen had suddenly become very silent, due to the exhaustion of his strength.

After chasing them for a while, Zen stopped. He knew that it was all in vain.

Zen stood rooted in the same spot, completely swallowed by the darkness, as if everything around him had turned into nothingness. Suddenly, a golden light flashed, and a Sanskrit word appeared in front of him.

It was another different word i

ment Forbidden Land, I have been paying close attention to you, Zen from the Evolutionary Universe. That is why I changed your teleporting area."

Zen's heart skipped a beat. As he wandered around the Collapsing Mountain race and the Skyland race, Zen knew that his teleporting area was off the mark. Nine out of ten Godly Geniuses had been teleported to normal places. Only he had been teleported to an abandoned place.

"I also arranged for the young daughter of Holy Samuel to meet you, so that she would believe that you are her chosen one," said Holy Jay with a faint smile. "My arrangement seemed terrific. Both of these two sisters seem interested in you."


Zen was rather speechless at this new revelation. Holy Jay's first few words were initially very formal, but he instantly changed the topic and tone. No matter how he looked at it, the words of this Holy Being sounded difficult to digest.

"Don't be under the assumption that I am not serious. To Holy Samuel, Laquisha is very important. It's not just the fire that she has. It will be beneficial if there is a Holy Being as your father-in-law," continued Holy Jay.

"Holy Jay, I am married already. I will never play up to anyone. It is against my belief and principles." Zen couldn't control his annoyed tone, although he was facing a Holy Being.

"Hey! I don't need to listen to your thoughts. Do not forget, there is nothing that I can't do in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land," said Holy Jay with a smile. The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was built by Holy Jay himself, and in this place, he was an omniscient existence. No one could stop him if he wanted to do something.

"But you can't change my mind, can you?" Zen said in a firm deep voice.

Holy Jay smiled and asked, "What if this concerns your father's life and death?"

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