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   Chapter 1905 Being Exhausted (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5780

Updated: 2019-12-08 00:03

Among all nine dragons, Zen had the best relationship with the cyan dragon. After all, Zen had spent most of his years with the cyan dragon's company. Once the other eight dragons had awoken, the cyan dragon chose to stay silent. But now, he infused Zen with his energy, in a tactical manner.

In the past, it was highly possible that Zen might have held a grudge against the nine dragons, due to their deceptive ways. His anger was amplified, of course, because they had also threatened him with Yan. After learning about the Evolutionary Universe's origins as well as Mike's identity, it was as if all that resentment had dissipated.

It was true that, ultimately, they had no intentions of harming him, right?

Although he had only recovered a very small portion of his strength and still remained very weak, Zen was now at least free to move on his own.

While he was concentrating on absorbing the power of the dragon scales, everyone had had the chance to enter the black sphere. When Zen finally opened his eyes, everything was still pitch black.

"Put me down..."

Now that his strength was gradually being restored, Zen suddenly smelled a faint, pleasant fragrance. He took a deeper breath and feeling the soft hair fluttered around his face from time to time, Zen realized that he was lying on Laquisha's back.

"Oh, how did you recover your strength so quickly?" Although she wasn't a body refiner, Laquisha knew that Zen was in a weakened state just moments before.

"I am fine," Zen said. He was standing up now, trying to readjust his eyes. His circular pupils grew larger in the darkness but still, he couldn't see a damn thing!

This kind of situation wasn't unknown to Zen. He had already experienc


That golden light only appeared for a very brief period of time. However, in such a dark place, when a golden light appeared, you noticed it! It was as dazzling as fireflies in the dark. Zen knew he saw it clearly.

"What's wrong?" Laquisha asked.

Zen's curiosity began to grow. "You didn't see it?" he asked.

"See what?" Although he couldn't see her face, Zen could tell that Laquisha looked puzzled.

"It's nothing... Never mind."

Zen knew what he had seen and he was sure it wasn't an illusion. It was a flash of golden light.

In the darkness, the light had been extremely dazzling. Zen realized that he was the only one to take notice and the others didn't have any reaction at all. This could only mean one thing: Zen could see the golden light, but the others couldn't.

With this thought running through his mind, Zen carefully left the group. He wanted to get a closer look at what that golden light really was.

Shortly after sighting the first one, another burst of dazzling golden light flew into Zen's view. This time, the golden light had been much clearer than the first; it was actually a golden Sanskrit word!

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