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   Chapter 1904 Being Exhausted (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6069

Updated: 2019-12-07 00:25

At last, Zen had done everything he possibly could. But all that he could do now was to place his every hope in Kaydan.

Zen's most recent interception had caused the Formless Sky Pythons to sink into absolute chaos. Once the Formless Sky Pythons had been thrown into the mess, their only desire was to crawl out from beneath their fellow pythons. The harder they tried though, the greater the disarray became. A few of the Formless Sky Pythons' bodies were scattered across the ground, intertwined and entangled together.

Despite the turmoil and disorder, many of the Formless Sky Pythons continued to charge out in an attempt to attack the warriors.

Kaydan looked out across the black sphere and noticed that, thanks to his Heavenly Jade Seal, a green, luminous pattern had begun to spread throughout.

As the green light continued to disperse itself and flow along the pattern, Kaydan suddenly announced, "It has been done!"

Many warriors stared vigilantly at the Formless Sky Pythons. Upon noticing that Zen was lying on the ground, they instantly knew that their only choice was to risk their lives in the next coming round.

And that was when Kaydan's voice rang out. The warriors were immersed and hearing it, they felt that it was the most beautiful heavenly music in the world!

"Let's go!"

"Hurry up and enter!"

Warriors could be heard shouting at one another. Nearly all of them rushed hastily in hopes to be the first to reach and enter the black sphere.

Under Kennan's careful protection, Laquisha and the others carried Zen's body and equally escaped into the black ball.

At the same time as the warriors moved forward, the Formless Sky Pythons also decided to dash toward the black sphere. Luckily though, these pythons had no chance in entering for as soon as all the warriors

nking to the bottom of the ocean. It wasn't improving Zen's situation whatsoever.

Fortunately for Zen, his Nine Divine Stars were recovering at an astonishing speed.

After all, these Nine Divine Stars existed within Zen's chaotic sea. In addition to absorbing the energy from Zen's Eight Path Platforms, they were also capable of continuously absorbing the surrounding chaotic energy. Naturally, they would replenish their own energy much faster than they would absorb Zen's.

On one side he had the power of dragon scales and on the other, Zen had a replenishment of chaotic energy. With these two sources of power, the Nine Divine Stars, which were originally extremely faint, began to emit a glowing rainbow colored light.

It was then that the Nine Divine Stars stopped acting so crazily. They suddenly stopped absorbing the energy from Zen's Eight Path Platforms, and the Eight Path Platforms stopped absorbing the energy from Zen's fleshly body.

Simultaneously, Zen began to take closer notice of the cyan dragon in his mind. The scales on his body were much dimmer than usual and without their shimmering light. In all honesty, they looked much like the ones that still needed to be lit up.

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