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   Chapter 1903 The Consequence

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There was a twinkle in Zen's eyes as he stood.

It turned out that he had extracted 99% of the strength source from the nine stars in his inner world!

In addition, Zen had turned the invisible strength into a huge net that swept towards the sky.

In fact, Zen could even leave everything behind and flee for his life if he chose to, thanks to his strength.

However, he wasn't a selfish man. He couldn't help but go all out every time.

Then again, doing so allowed him to check how strong his power was when the nine stars were at their peak. For instance, the power he had currently released was equivalent to a third of a Holy Being's physical strength.

Such power was so strong that it was difficult to measure it because it had already surpassed the existent standard.

This level of strength was no doubt beyond words. Yet, it did not mean that Zen truly had one-third of a Holy Being's strength.

Physical strength was only one of the abilities of a warrior. A Holy Being or even a True God could increase such power by a tenfold or a hundredfold if they had used it. Such beings could use it to exterminate the over a hundred Formless Sky Pythons that were about to come.

But Zen could only use the power in a basic way. It was like when a child was given the sharpest knife in the world.

The knife might be the best tool, but it wouldn't be used to its maximum in the hands of a child, whose knowledge and power were limited.

"Roarrrr—" The net formed by Zen's strength spread out and wrapped the Formless Sky Pythons inside it.

Everyone was utterly shocked at the scene in front of them!

It was because the Formless Sky Pythons looked like they were inside an invisible bag and held by a giant hand. The hand threw the invisible bag backwards with a loud boom, and the 40 Formless Sky Pythons in the front clashed with the over 50 Formless Sky Pythons at the back.

The collision of the massive creatures caused an extremely powerful impact. The Formless Sky Pythons' bodies weren't able to endure the violent clash, so a few of them had gotten smashed into pieces.

The Formless Sky Pythons were clearly aggravated. Pained wails were heard from the grotesque, circular mouths.

The whole scene looked like a bunch of tangled yarns as the beasts struggled madly to get out. But the more they struggled, the more they got entangled, and the harder it was for them to break free.

Despite the fact that Kaydan knew that he shouldn't be distracted at the moment, he couldn't help but turn around when he heard the noise. As soon as he found what he was looking for, his breathing quickened and when he looked at Zen, reverence filled his eyes.

Before, he viewed Zen as a secondary creature who wasn't even worth mentioning. He thought that Zen couldn't poss


The most important thing was that if a body refiner had consumed all the power in the Eight Path Platforms, the Eight Path Platforms in their body would continue to absorb the power of the martial artist's physical body. It was an automatic process, and part of the body refiner's instincts.

However, Zen's situation was a bit more special.

What he consumed was the power of the Nine Divine Stars. Only a moment ago did he decide that he'd draw out 99% of the power of the Nine Divine Stars. He did not use the power of the Eight Path Platforms, nor did he use his main body's power.

What Zen didn't know was that there would be a price to pay for draining all of his strength.

It was taboo to drain all the powers of such sources, whether it was the Nine Divine Stars or the Eight Path Platforms. Without the nourishment of the strength source, the Nine Divine Stars and the Eight Path Platforms wouldn't be able to sustain themselves, and might even collapse after.

The Nine Divine Stars' power was almost completely depleted, and since they didn't have enough time to replenish their power through chaotic energy, they could only draw power from the Eight Path Platforms. However, the Eight Path Platforms' power was almost nothing compared to the power within the Nine Divine Stars. The two weren't actually in the same league.

Therefore, the power in Zen's Eight Path Platforms dried up immediately and in turn, the Eight Path Platforms began to absorb the power from Zen's physical body.

Zen's physical body was the last resort of the supply of power. The problem was, his body only didn't have so much power in it.

After Zen's physical body had been drained of its power, he suddenly found everything turn into a blur before he fell to the ground.

"Isn't the consequence… too grave?" Even Zen didn't expect such a result.

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