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   Chapter 1902 Resistance

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Over a hundred Formless Sky Pythons were moving towards them, like huge mountain ranges closing in—it was a horrible scene.

The massive creatures surged forward. It was as if a chaotic world was pouring down at the warriors.

"What are you waiting for? Quickly now, run!"

"There's no time left!"

"We're waiting for death by staying here!"

Some of the martial artists from the other races couldn't endure the ordeal. How could they possibly be willing to wait and die? After bypassing the black sphere, they fled in all directions.

Though they were well aware there were all kinds of dangers in this interior world, it was better to flee than wait for their impending doom.

But most of the martial artists of the other races hadn't left, including Zen and the Han Clan warriors. The three great races hadn't left either, placing their hopes on Kaydan.

"Let's go fight them!"

Chapman roared.

Several Collapsing Mountain warriors of the Divinity Hunt Squad shot out towards the Formless Sky Pythons as they moved in closer.

The Collapsing Mountain warriors that had managed to enter the Divinity Hunt Squad were the race's strongest elites. Their power was beyond imagination.

Dong, dong!

Under their combined efforts, they managed to strike the first python down to the ground.

"Follow me!"

As Chapman gave his order, he rushed to the bottom of the Formless Sky Python that they struck down, placing both his shoulders under the scales of its midsection. It was an unbelievable sight—he actually wanted to lift the python on his own two shoulders.

Chapman's body was much larger than that of ordinary humanoid creatures. But compared to the Formless Sky Python, he was like an ant in front of an elephant. His move was rather astonishing.

Apart from Chapman, the members of the Divinity Hunt Squad joined in.

With brutal force, the enormous Formless Sky Python was lifted.

It kept wriggling, struggling its way off the warriors' shoulders. In spite of its size, it couldn't get out of the tiny warriors' control.

"Throw it far out!" Chapman ordered.

All the Divinity Hunt Squad warriors' veins popped out, and their muscles tensed, looking tougher than steel.

In the past few years, they rarely met such dangerous situations in the Collapsing Mountain race, and rarely had they used their full strength to fight. But at this moment, they didn't have the luxury of holding back their strength in the slightest.

As they exerted simultaneous effort, they forcibly threw the python out.

The colossal creature then seemed like a log, rolling back towards its fellow pythons.

Both sides carried an overwhelming amount of momentum. By throwing a Formless Sky Python at an army of pythons, the several warriors indeed delayed them a bit. But in the face of the pythons' charge, the lone one they managed to throw out was completely smashed.

Boom, boom…


After the python was broken into pieces, the blood from its body gushed like

ared again, "If you don't open it soon, we're all finished!"

It was Kaydan's most critical moment—he focused all his energy into pouring life vitality into the black sphere, trying to speed it up.

Soon, the Harmony race ended up retreating. The pressure weighing down on them was a huge psychological burden, slowly draining their energy.

Having lost the support of the two great races, the Han Clan had no choice but to retreat.

And with that, the defensive line they had built so carefully had fallen apart.


Over a hundred Formless Sky Pythons raised their thick heads, ready to launch their strongest wave of attacks.

At this moment, everyone was filled with despair. Even if they wanted to escape, they couldn't avoid the pythons' attack. Seeing the terrifying mouths come down on them, the warriors were struck with fear.

It was said that within the body of a Formless Sky Python lay a great space and no one could come out from it alive once they were devoured by the beasts.

No one alive knew what the internal space of the Formless Sky Python was like.

And no one was really willing to go in and explore. But now, it seemed like they had no choice.

Seeing the Formless Sky Pythons lined up side by side, crushing down simultaneously, the warriors turned pale. It was like they could foresee their fate in the very next moment.

Laquisha's face fell. Subconsciously, she glanced at Zen, catching him as he spread out his arms.

A strange scene followed.

When all the pythons had made it halfway towards them, they suddenly stopped—some kind of invisible force had blocked their path somehow.

At least forty Formless Sky Pythons were piled up in front of the group. Such a large number of pythons pressing down had to be of tremendous weight—their individual bodies were already unimaginably heavy, in addition to the powerful inertia and impact they brought along as they descended from the sky.

Just how much strength was enough to block them?

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