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   Chapter 1901 The Disused Nine Stars

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The team was guided into a straight line as the warriors raced to escape.

Though the Skyland warriors were being led by Kaydan and they were at the front of the column, it didn't mean that they were any safer than the others.

There was an array of strict rules and regulations in the interior world, a single false step could spell unimaginable trouble.

The Collapsing Mountain race was in the middle of the group, while the Harmony race brought up the rear.

Tilton, the leader of the Harmony race, stood in the back, controlling two Formless Sky Pythons as the beasts were being attacked by their own kind.

The collision of the mountainous pythons against each other created a crashing sound that rippled through the sky and sent shock waves that made people a little unsteady on their feet. Their attack was so violent and powerful that any weaker creature caught in their path would have instantly been torn to pieces.

Tilton's strategy was quite effective. The Formless Sky Pythons fighting among themselves in the back drastically slowed down their advancement towards the people.

Naturally, this did not last forever as the ground at the back of the line suddenly caved in.


The earth cracked open with a thunderous rumble as an enormous Formless Sky Python clawed its way out from deep within the ground. It was not only able to creep close to the ground, but also able to move fluidly beneath it.

Unable to dodge it fast enough, the Harmony warriors disappeared into the mouth of the animal. One would have assumed that the inner world of such a huge beast would rightly reflect the grandeur of the creature, but this one would be quite cruel. There was no chance of surviving once inside.

The Formless Sky Python, after devouring a few Harmony warriors, was still unsatisfied. In a flash, its body folded over itself in midair and dove towards the group.

All Tilton could do was change his target yet again. He placed both his hands on his head and focused his energy on the Formless Sky Python charging towards them.

But even when paired with the other six elite warriors of the Harmony race, he could only control two Formless Sky Pythons at a time. Once he managed to gain control over the one in front of him, one of the other two in the fight regained its faculties and began to pursue the group.

The enormous beasts had the strength and size of moving mountains. Their overwhelming power made everyone tremble with crippling fear, and everyone's heart sank collectively.

The interior world was a mirror world. Everything was a reflection

rity of which were just a backdrop. The Nine Divine Stars were embedded in the constellations that illuminated the sky.

They had existed for an eternity, and were the brightest in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Middle Sky Regions. During his travels in the Upper World, Zen did a superficial study of the stars, and did not delve too deeply into the nine stars.

When a grand era ended, many stars began to fall out of the sky, and new ones slowly rose. These nine stars had never fallen before. They were the source of the Holy Being's strength.

The situation in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was quite special.

Holy Jay had stuffed his strength source into the Collapsing Mountain race's Sacred Spring Mountain, leaving the nine stars completely unused.

At the very least, this was what Zen assumed, However, what he couldn't figure out was why Holy Jay would destroy his own nine stars and move the strength source to the bottom of the Sacred Spring Mountain.

"There's no time!"

"The beasts are coming!"


Amidst a cacophony of screams, three Formless Sky Pythons stretched and hurled themselves down from the sky. They instantly burrowed and disappeared into the ground, leaving behind three massive pits. Along with them, about thirty to forty warriors also disappeared under the caved-in ground.

It happened so suddenly that most did not even have the opportunity to scream or react before being swallowed completely.

It would take some time to activate the black ball. When Kaydan's jade seal was imprinted on the ball, jade-green pattern continuously spread out along the black ball, but at the moment, even more Formless Sky Pythons were rushing over. It was too late …

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