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   Chapter 1900 Disturb Minds

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It was truly a good thing that the Formless Sky Pythons lay motionless in deep slumber, like they were dead meat.

Silence hung thick in the air as Kaydan's mouth moved and a strand of light blue life vitality spread out. "Everyone, try your best to not make any sound and follow me," he said.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was known to be a chaotic place since it did not have a strict structure. It was the definition of anarchy.

Even then, the interior world was even more chaotic.

This particular batch of Formless Sky Pythons had never left the interior world. When these warriors entered it last time, however, they stayed in the depths of one of the interior world's mountain ranges instead of sleeping here.

Kaydan and the others were shocked the first time they saw those Formless Sky Pythons. Fortunately, the huge Pythons were fast asleep—so as long as everyone was careful, the Formless Sky Pythons would remain in slumber.

Although such was the case, the fact that there were also so many other monsters pressured all of them.

Thus, everyone tried their hardest to move slowly and quietly.

Luckily, the warriors at present had long since mastered the control of their own bodies. The area was dipped in absolute silence, and not even the slightest sounds of footsteps were heard.

But of course, they couldn't move fast enough while they maintained such a stealthy posture. It took them a while before they reached ten miles.

At that moment, no one still dared to speed up. After all, ten miles was equivalent to just a single step for the Formless Sky Pythons, and any noise they would've made could cost them their lives.

At the same time, all of them felt slightly relieved. The further away they were from the beasts, the safer they would be.


Suddenly, all of them felt the ground shake.

The tremors in the ground were accompanied by a rumbling sound. All the colors in their faces were drained as they turned their heads to look back...

Among the hundreds of slumbering Pythons were two already awake Formless Sky Pythons, which slowly rose up from their sleep. Their cylindrical heads were currently looking at the warriors.

Meanwhile, Zen also turned around to look and suddenly frowned. Then, his gaze immediately landed on Laquisha...

The two of them seemed to have realized something the moment they looked at each other. At the same time, Kennan, Chapman and the rest also understood.

It looked like Laquisha seemed to attract the strange beasts!

However, no one knew why it was the case.

The reason Zen had been chased by a Formless Sky Python when he had first arrived at the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was because Laquisha had attracted it.

Later on, she had even attracted the Martial Sacred Beast, which chased after her as well.

Chapman had known about it, but failed to realize it sooner. After all, the fact that Laquisha could attract the Martial Sacred Beast did n


Such a feeling was somewhat similar to when the malicious aura entered their bodies, but the two sensations were actually fundamentally different.

While the malicious aura was only used to activate the warriors' ruthlessness and violence, this energy directly affected their minds and changed their original intentions.

Now, this current energy that affected the soul and mind wasn't actually aimed at the warriors, but at the two Formless Sky Pythons. Yet, just a small trace of it was enough to make everyone panic.

The moment the formless energy was poured into one of the Formless Sky Pythons, the huge beast suddenly let out a strange howl. Then, it quickly changed its direction at the last moment and headed towards the other Formless Sky Python instead! The other Formless Sky Python didn't want to be defeated, as it also raised its head and started to fight back. The ground shook even more than what was possible as the two beasts engaged in a fierce battle.

"The warriors of the Harmony race don't seem strong, but they can directly control the Formless Sky Pythons' minds. They are indeed extremely powerful!" Zen exclaimed. Even he himself was surprised at the shocking turn of events.

Such an advantageous attack enabled the warriors of the Harmony race to finally control the two Formless Sky Pythons that charged at the front.

But their small victory did not last. Hundreds of Formless Sky Pythons behind them already rolled over. The onslaught of the multiple colossal monsters shook the ground even more violently, and the warriors felt like they were on the tidal waves which were constantly churning and rolling. The whole scene looked terrifying and impressive at the same time!

All of them could only focus on one thing, and that was to rush forward. Kaydan of the Skyland race was the most familiar with the interior world, so everyone could only put their hopes on him and pray that he could lead them out of their current hellhole.

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