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   Chapter 1899 Interior World

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The power of the Ice Soul Flame was intense and terrifying. It originated from the Ice Law in the divine land and thus was considered a complete Law Power.

The laws in the universes, however, heavily relied on the comprehension of the Holy Beings, which were often partial and incomplete.

Zen balled his hand into a fist and lightly squeezed, causing the ice flame to dissipate in seconds. A small smile crept onto his face. It would seem that the Holy Being's profound mysteries were reliable even during crucial moments.

But a lingering question stayed in his mind. Just how strong was the ice flame? There was no way to test it, so he had no choice but to wait in front of the mirror.

Minutes passed as he waited. Zen was in deep thought before he took out the Gold Sun Fruit and swallowed it in one gulp.

He was not certain about what the Ice Soul Flame meant or if it was just one of the many deep mysteries of the Ice Law. But after careful considerations, Zen opted to keep the information to himself.

If he did not swallow the Gold Sun Fruit, those people would definitely ask about it. He was not in the mood to make up another lie to satisfy their curiosity, so he might as well just swallow the fruit and get it over with.

Not long after, Kaydan, Chapman, and Tilton finally passed through the cold flame field. After seeing Zen standing in front of the mirror and sizing him up a bit, Kaydan frowned and asked, "Zen, did you swallow the Gold Sun Fruit?"

Zen turned to him and nodded his head slightly.

At his confirmation, disappointment flickered on their faces.

There was no doubt that Zen was the last person to pass through the cold flame field without the help of the Gold Sun Fruit. Before, when Zen was running madly like a lunatic, the three of them failed to find any traces of him and thought he had died in the cold flame field.

They did not expect Zen to reach the end. Much to their disappointment, he had used the Gold Sun Fruit in the end.

"When did you eat it?" Kaydan asked with a growing frown.

Zen let out a faint smile, saying, "When there were still five thousand miles to go. I couldn't bear it any longer. I think this was a failure."

Kaydan drew a deep sigh. He was immensely disappointed but he was not sure if it was because he didn't get to see the secret unraveled or if it was because Zen didn't persevere on his own to the end.

Unlike Kaydan, Tilton was much calmer and accepting. He said, "That's understandable. It's not easy to endure for 145, 000 miles after all. At the very least, no one's ever traveled this far before. We've already managed a great feat."

Aside from the martial artists at the Spirit Supreme Realm and Spirit Transformation Realm, there were also many world lords in the divine land who attempted to travel through the cold flame field; however, because of their limited cultivation, some people jumped to the conclusion that no one could pass through the cold flame field with just their own strength unless they were a True God.

Usually and in normal circumstances, True Gods were not allowed to enter the universes.

flashing and distorting, as if they were mere illusions, and it gave Zen an extremely surreal feeling as if he were trapped in a dream.

After everyone had entered, Kaydan hushed everyone into silence and then pointed a finger toward a row of black hills not far away.

Because the environment kept on flashing in and out of existence, everyone's visions began to distort as well. They thought something was wrong with their eyes, so instead of focusing on the black hills, they rubbed their eyes and ran their gazes somewhere else.

However, Kaydan and his group had come to the interior world many times before. They were used to this. When he pointed a finger at the row of black hills, all of the other martial artists paled at what they saw.

To their shock, those black hills were actually Formless Sky Pythons that were currently in deep slumber.

The world lords, the martial artists from the other races who were currently at Spirit Supreme Realm, or Spirit Transformation Realm, and even the people from the three major races couldn't help but gulp in nervousness. The pressure was so intense that no one dared to bat an eye or make a sound, fearful that they might alert the pythons of their presence.

"Laquisha. . ." Aleyna said in a quiet voice, her face turning as pale as a ghost.

Although her voice was soft, the others threw sharp looks at her in frustration. Even Kaydan turned around and glared at her, his eyes blazing with fire and annoyance.

Laquisha quickly covered her sister's mouth with her palm, silencing her.

There were rumors that there were only three Formless Sky Pythons in the entire Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, but it seemed there were more than a hundred of them in this interior world.

In the past, when Laquisha was aggressively chased by a Formless Sky Python, the Collapsing Mountain race had to dispatch three people from their Divinity Hunt Squad to chase it away. If they made a mistake and woke these giant Formless Sky Pythons up now, then it would definitely mean a sure disaster for all the warriors present.

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