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   Chapter 1898 The Ice Field

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This mirror was like a huge lake made of mercury, and it lay horizontally in front of Zen, blocking his path.

He approached the huge mirror slowly and cautiously, not knowing what to expect.

He saw an identical image of himself in the mirror, slowly approaching him too.

Zen extended his hand with some uncertainty and gently pressed the mirror. A ripple immediately appeared where his fingertip touched it and spread out in all directions.

"This is really a mercury lake!"

He remained standing where he was, not wanting to act rashly.

If his guess was correct, this would be the entrance to the interior world that Kaydan had mentioned.

He had no knowledge about the so-called exterior or interior world, so he decided to wait for the aboriginals to arrive before doing anything further.

When Zen approached the mirror, the cold flame poison disappeared completely and the temperature within his inner world began to rise rapidly. Under his control, the storm within his body calmed down, and the nine stars in his body gradually stopped circulating.

If Zen continued to drive the nine stars to circulate, they would release a strong amount of heat, which might burn all the living beings in his inner world.

Just when Zen was trying to restore his inner world to normalcy, he suddenly discovered that there seemed to be something on the chaotic sea!


He froze.

When he rushed along the way, he had seen a path formed by runes before him. As he continued onward, the path disappeared behind him…

Looking back, the runes had already completely disappeared.

At that time, Zen's mind was frozen by the cold temperature and he was in no mood to examine them carefully.

Who would have thought that these runes, which stretched thousands of miles, were already imprinted on the chaotic sea!

"Are these runes the profound mysteries of Holy Jay?"

Zen focused his gaze on the densely-packed runes. This layer of runes stretched out thousands of miles and the strip circled on the chaotic sea, undulating on the surface of the water!

The characters of the runes were somewhat similar to the Sanskrit words that Zen had seen before!

There were many types of Sanskrit. Some Buddhist classics were also recorded in Sanskrit. But Zen had only seen three types of Sanskrit that were similar to the runes on the chaotic sea.

The first type was the Sanskrit that appeared on Zen's body, which was also the language in which the Grand Weapon Refining Method was recorded. He was familiar with this type of Sanskrit, having seen it many times before. Each time his body was tempered by the preternatural flame, the golden Sanskrit characters would appear on his body.

As for the second type of Sanskrit, he had seen it when Xenia had employed her full strength…

However, both these types of Sanskrit were very similar, almost identical, but the arrangement and content of each word were different.

nto the clouds, and on the other side was a crystal clear ice tree. They stood opposite each other, yet formed a harmonious scene...

The meaning of this development was unclear to Zen.

Back then, the Creating Axe slashed and created space for the divine land to come into existence, and later the Lord of Weapons opened the heavens...

Sunrest Tree, Lofty Tree, Ray Tree, Hidden Tree—these were the four divine trees.

Perhaps these four great trees were not extraordinary themselves.

It was just that these four divine trees had all been planted during the first divine era. Their roots directly penetrated through the divine land and extended into the chaos, thus giving them the ability to absorb the chaos for their own uses. Having absorbed the chaos for countless years, they finally had the qualifications to become divine trees!

The four divine trees had stabilized the divine land, however they shared a symbiotic relationship with the land as they also relied on it to stabilize their own positions in order to become the unshakable four pillars of the divine land.

Zen had used a World Tree seed to create his first giant tree. Now, another ice tree had appeared on the ice field. These two trees would also absorb the chaotic energy to grow, and they would also grow into divine trees in the future!

As for the cold flame flower that had blossomed on top of the ice tree…

Zen retracted his consciousness from his inner world, and then slightly spread out the five fingers in one of his hands.


A cold flame was set ablaze in Zen's hand.

'It is just as I thought!'

A hint of a smile appeared on Zen's face as he expertly poured chaotic energy into the cold flame!


In the blink of an eye, the size of this cold flame expanded by more than ten times and instantly enveloped Zen. The frosty air emitted from this cold flame was so strong that even the mercury that formed the mirror beside him froze!

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