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   Chapter 1897 A Mirror

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Deaths were quite common in the cold flame field. However, the death of an elder of the Skyland race was an extremely rare occurrence.

After all, the Skyland race mainly cultivated life vitality and they were also on their way to find out whether the divine land martial artist's speculations were true or not.

The Skyland race attempted to travel across the cold flame field every once in a while, in hopes of witnessing a miracle that would let them understand its hidden mysteries.

However, the Skyland race were unaware that the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, commonly referred to as Holy Jay by the martial artists of the divine land, had already established a boundary that was impossible to cross when he created the six great races.

No matter it was Chapman, Kaydan, or Tilton from the Harmony race, while they were truly outstanding and their strengths improved really quickly, they couldn't advance any further after they had reached a certain limit.

It wasn't because they lacked talent or perseverance, but rather, the boundary had already been set ever since the six great races had been created.

Therefore, the Skyland elites and elders had never gotten to cross the cold flame field with just their own strengths, no matter how hard they had tried. It seemed that they were destined to be always close, but never reaching success.

After the elder of the Skyland race had died, Kaydan and Chapman also gave up. Both of them swallowed a Gold Sun Fruit and they immediately felt better.

Everyone focused on Zen once again. Basically, among the hundreds of people present, he was the only one who had not eaten a Gold Sun Fruit!

At this moment, even Zen had become extremely careful…

The cold flame poison filled all the fibers in Zen's being and at the same time, the power of the nine stars that flowed in his body became stronger and faster.

However, simply relying on the radiance that the nine stars emitted didn't completely melt those snowflakes. Although his inner world's temperature had been stabilized at a certain point, it still continued to drop slowly!

The cold flame poison's power increased every time Zen flew a thousand miles away. By the time he had covered a hundred and thirty thousand miles, its power had increased by several degrees already. In such case, the threat it posed to Zen became deadlier.

Then again, the nine stars' power did not last forever. It would take a long time to completely replenish the strength source within them. Furthermore, crossing the cold flame field was only the first step.

Meanwhile, the other warriors did not increase their speed as they traversed the ice field because of the fatal threat from the cold flame poison.

Even though the Gold Sun Fruit possessed the power of the Sun Flame, there was still the possibility of it being extinguished if it was faced with copious amounts of cold flame poison. Thus, everyone still

d into regular icicles that were stuck on the ground like sharp needles.

It was no doubt that the whole place was a world of extremely low temperatures.

There were no signs of life at all. Even the flow of energy and the transformation of laws had stopped.

There were no gales, not even a sound of the wind.

The surroundings were completely silent, and only Zen quietly advanced in the air.

At that moment, the flame poison did not only freeze Zen's inner world, but also the flow of his blood, the beating of his heart, and his mind!


The immensely freezing environment almost stopped Zen's thinking--and he only had just one thought in mind: to fly forward at top speed!

Just then, the vast and cold flame field suddenly underwent a peculiar change.

The densely packed icicles were originally an icy-blue color, but some of them suddenly turned orange and formed orange runes. The juxtaposition of the two colors formed a sharp contrast.

However, as Zen flew above the runes, the orange hue of the icicles started to fade away and turn back to icy blue.

Zen traveled further and the runes on the ground began to fade as well. It was as if the orange icicles had formed a welcome carpet for Zen. Once he had passed through, the path began to dissipate on its own.

Even if Zen's mind was already frozen to its limit, he still noticed the strange phenomenon below him. He saw an orange strip of runes that extended into the distance in front of him.

"150000 miles!"

Soon enough, Zen finally arrived at the end of the cold flame field. The runes that had suddenly appeared along the way had completely disappeared as well.

In front of him was now a mirror that was over ten million feet tall, and extended all the way to the top of the cave in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. It divided the huge cave into two parts, and the scenes that were reflected in the mirror made him feel that this world was boundless.

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