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   Chapter 1896 Advance Towards The End

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They had traveled about 100, 000 miles when the cold flames below their feet began to blaze and the azure light reflected off them continuously, making it hard to look straight at them.

It was as if everyone was standing on a sea of fire, but the azure flames weren't making them feel warm.

Suddenly, a member of the Divinity Hunt Squad of the Collapsing Mountain race fell towards the cold flames below.

Kaydan was quick to react. He spread his wings, turned into a streak of light, and took off into the air, circling below the Collapsing Mountain member and saving him from falling.

"No one can save you if you fall into the cold flames. So if you can't hold on any longer, don't be a hero," reminded Kaydan.

The upper echelons of the three races were also prepared to compete with each other. None of the members of the Collapsing Mountain race's Divinity Hunt Squad had eaten any Gold Sun Fruit. As pure body refiners, it was impossible for them to understand the meaning of the Ice Law.

Extreme cold was a means of body refining, but there was no need to take such a huge risk.

"Avery! Eat it!" ordered Chapman.

The warrior called Avery nodded and swallowed the Gold Sun Fruit in one gulp.

In addition to him, another member of the Skyland race had also given up forcing himself. He too swallowed the Gold Sun Fruit, and Kaydan continued to lead the way while the rest followed behind.

As the cold flame poison that had wafted into Zen's inner world increased and condensed, the snow in that world grew heavier and heavier.

The creatures in the inner world were currently experiencing an unprecedented winter.

Although the chaotic sea was not frozen, its temperature had dropped considerably.

If the temperature continued to drop, the creatures in his inner world would most likely face death on a massive scale.

Losing some of those creatures wouldn't have much of an impact on Zen. After all, he wasn't reliant on the Faith Energy of those people right now. But he still didn't want the people he had created to die.

As Zen pondered this, his thoughts rippled and moved.

Countless schools of fish suddenly appeared from within the chaotic sea. They leapt out of the water, spread their wings, and flew into the sky.

The fishermen in the inner world witnessed this scene and there were people who recorded it. They would pass it down for years to come. Legend would have it that the fish had turned into big birds to save people from the heavy snow.

They didn't know that this was just an idea of Zen's.

Once the fish took off into the air, they charged towards the pieces of cold flame poison, turned into chaotic energy the minute they got into contact, and devoured the pieces of the poison.

Zen tried his best to keep the cold flame poison in midair. At the same time, the nine stars in the sky began to move unceasingly.

"Nine shining stars!"

Zen did not draw out the energy within the stars. Instead, he allowed the nine stars to move about with their own strength.

Drilling wood wa

o comprehend the Ice Soul Flame?

Zen had no idea how powerful this martial art was. But he did know that since it was a skill inherited from a Holy Being, it wasn't a weak one.

Zen's interest was piqued at this thought. He had been considering whether it was necessary to continue on like this. If it was just a pure test without any rewards, then there was no need to force it. He was not a masochist.

Now it seemed that it was necessary to give it a try.

It was not long before everyone finally broke through the 130, 000 miles.

The second they had reached that mark, something unexpected happened.

Tilton of the Harmony race gave up and swallowed a Gold Sun Fruit. Chapman was the only one of the Collapsing Mountain race that persisted. There were only two people left from the Skyland race: Kaydan and an elder named Fraine.

And at this moment, Fraine fell downward without a word.

Zen had been focused on resisting the cold flame poison. He didn't have the time to be distracted. And by the time he discovered the problem, the elder had already fallen.


"Elder Fraine!"

Some warriors screamed and rushed towards the elder, but they couldn't get there in time.

The crowd watched as Elder Fraine was struck by the cold flames below and turned into a lump of ice, falling hard towards the ground.

Fraine tried to save himself.

As he fell, his entire body was still emitting raging flames. He wanted to resist the ice flames, but the bright yellow flames were only formed from life vitality. So how could they fight the power of the ice flames?

The raging flames then disappeared from everyone's sight and then, cracking sounds could be heard, like glass hitting the ground. It was the sound of Fraine's body shattering.

A deep fear took root within everyone, reflecting in their eyes. Many of them subconsciously raised themselves up. Although they all knew how terrifying this cold flame was, witnessing the death of that elder with their own eyes truly brought the horror home.

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