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   Chapter 1895 Advancing

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After entering Zen's inner world, the cold flame poison started to fall gently like snowflakes.

As these snowflakes fell onto the brown chaotic sea, they released chilly air, and it looked like the chaotic sea was going to freeze over...

But nothing of the sort happened. Instead, the chilly air was instantly devoured by the chaotic energy.

Ever since Zen had endowed chaotic energy with the ability to devour other things, it could transform almost anything. He clearly knew that the chaotic energy was a formidable force.

Currently, Zen was primarily focused on refining his body. He could make use of the chaotic energy to display the Gods-intimidating Strike, but he usually unleashed the power of this strike by comprehending the Godly Way. He did not exert the chaotic energy to its extreme. That was to say that Zen was lacking a cultivation method, which could help him fully utilize the power of the chaotic energy!

The cold flame poison was still falling down in soft waves in his inner world. The majority of the poison had disappeared into the chaotic sea, while a small portion had already fallen onto the main continent of his inner world. A few unlucky creatures might have come in contact with the poison and got instantly frozen into ice cubes. But the overall impact on his inner world was negligible.

Zen could deal with the cold flame poison effortlessly, but it wasn't so easy for the other warriors.

Although the Skyland race had distributed the Gold Sun Fruits, most of the martial artists present chose not to devour the fruit...

According to the leader of the Skyland race, they were capable of comprehending the profound mystery of the Ice Law in the cold flame field.

The truth was that the martial artists from the divine land were even more clear than Kaydan that the so-called profound mystery of the Ice Law was the famed skill of the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. The Ice Soul Flame was renowned in the divine land 30, 000 years ago!

This flame was a unique profound mystery created by the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. And he was the first to unravel this mystery!

When the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land became a Holy Being, he constructed a Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. He then made an announcement that everyone could cultivate in that land. Warriors could also absorb his strength source. This was a very exciting development for everyone in the divine land.

In addition to this, his knowledge of the Ice Soul Flame was sealed within the cold flame field of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, thereby effectively shielding it from the outside world.

In so many years, several warriors had entered this cold flame field, but none of them were able to comprehend the mystery of the Ice Soul Flame...

For many martial artists from other races as well as those from the divine land, this was indeed a golden opportunity to finally comprehend the profound mystery.

The Gold Sun Fruit could resist the cold flame poison, but they would only use it when they could not hold on any longer.

Most warriors, including Zen, were facing the same predicament. The cold flame poison lingered around their bodies and followed the meridians in their bodies to invade their inner worlds. Soon it began to snow within their inner worlds.

However, their inner worlds co

es, only a few of the weaker martial artists had consumed the Gold Sun Fruit. When they reached thirty thousand miles, twenty percent of the group had swallowed the Gold Sun Fruit. When they reached seventy thousand miles, more than ninety percent of the martial artists had consumed the Gold Sun Fruit!

Of all the martial artists present, only the Collapsing Mountain race's Divinity Hunt Squad members, the seven elders of the Skyland race, and a few elites of the Harmony race were able to reach one hundred thousand miles.

Of course, Zen and Aleyna were among this group of achievers who made it as well.

As for Laquisha, if she were to use her abnormal flame, she would be able to resist the cold flame poison. However, those who specialized in using fire were even more afraid of the cold. So she had gobbled up the Gold Sun Fruit when she reached thirty thousand miles.

"Chapman is right. Not only is Zen capable of resisting the abnormal flame, he also seems to be able to withstand the extreme cold," Tilton, the leader of the Harmony race, remarked as he gazed at Zen with a mix of admiration and surprise.

He had come here with the members of the Harmony race, so he had naturally learned from Kaydan and Chapman that Zen was a flame-proof warrior with special theurgy. He also had never thought that the flame-proof warrior that the Collapsing Mountain warriors had mentioned a few months ago would increase his strength to this extent in such a short period of time...

Initially, he had his doubts when he heard Kaydan and Chapman talk about Zen's impressive ability before, but now he was convinced that Zen was indeed extremely powerful. At this moment, he saw that Zen could also move freely in this world of ice and snow without needing to devour the Gold Sun Fruit. He indeed had remarkable abilities.

"Ha-ha. You and I are able to withstand the cold flame poison when we reach a hundred thousand miles. Do you think that brat can withstand the cold flame poison after he travels one hundred and fifty thousand miles?" Kaydan asked suddenly.

One hundred and fifty thousand miles...

That was easily the deepest region of the cold flame field. Even the three leaders needed to devour the Gold Sun Fruit at that point.

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