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   Chapter 1894 Cold Flame Poison (Part Two)

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Zen nodded in understanding. The Collapsing Mountain race had shown him respect and he too had agreed to their request. Naturally, he would do as he had promised.

However, the precondition for him helping them out was that his safety was guaranteed. If Zen were to be in a desperate situation, it would be impossible for him to risk his life in order to help them. Since both sides were taking advantage of each other, they profited from equivalent exchange.

Zen was not merely being realistic. The pressure he was shouldering currently was unprecedentedly heavy. The fate of the Evolutionary Universe alone was enough to give him a headache, not to mention the fact that he needed to enter the divine land in future.

In other words, Zen's life was more precious than the others in front of him. He could not die here. Otherwise, it would just be irresponsible of him.

"The interior world? What is that?" Zen asked as he heard the unfamiliar term.

Laquisha continued to speak through her life vitality. "The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land is divided into exterior and interior worlds. Everything you see, including this enormous cave, is only the exterior world. The interior world is the core of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land…"

The Han Clan had sent out many of their warriors into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land previously. Staying at this place for so many years, they had a much better understanding of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land than other common warriors. As the princess of the Han Clan, Laquisha had the natural advantage of being more aware of their current circumstances.

Except for warriors who wanted to comprehend t

expressed their support for her did not believe she had the ability to do so.

After some preparations, the Skyland race warriors were the first to cross the visible snow boundary. Soon after, everyone else followed.

The moment they entered the cold flame field, blue flames took shape on everyone's hair, clothes, even their eyebrows and eyelashes.

Although these cold flames were condensed by ice or snow, they were not solid. They swayed like ice-blue flames.

The flames were cold and did not make them feel the slightest of warmth. Instead, the chill was piercing cold and carried with it a burning sensation.

Zen did not devour the Gold Sun Fruit. Crossing the boundary, he felt as if his entire body had frozen up. When he saw the cold flames all over his body, he was slightly surprised. They were indeed powerful.

As he shook his body, the cold flames were doused out.

But not long after, they came back again. The poison contained in the cold flames could penetrate anything and anyone. As it penetrated into Zen's body, it flew through his meridians and spread into his inner world.

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