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   Chapter 1893 Cold Flame Poison (Part One)

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The Harmony race controlled the Mind Refining Tower which was a sacred place for cultivating one's state of mind.

Perhaps it was because the mental states of the warriors in the Harmony race were stable and any traits of cruelty could not be found in them, that they were able to maintain a calm and indifferent attitude at all times. In other words, it was easy to get along with them.

Now that the three great races had gathered together, it was time to set out.

The Collapsing Mountain race and the Harmony race had arranged for the strongest elites from their races to arrive at the place. The Skyland race was also prepared. Besides the elites of the three races, a few warriors from other races were also willing to practice with them.

As the second day dawned, clouds dispersed in the skies, and they began to head in the northern direction of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

The Han Clan too had sent out warriors from their clan. Along with Kennan and some others, more than twenty world lords from the Han Clan had arrived. Laquisha and Aleyna too were present as they set out with the three great races.

For the three great races, this was undoubtedly an important exploration. No one knew of the means through which the Han Clan had convinced the three races to let the warriors of their own clan join them..

The attitude of the three great races toward the other warriors varied greatly. The Collapsing Mountain warriors were the most domineering. They acknowledged the status of the strong warriors alone, which was why it was possible for Pascal, a warrior from another race, to qualify to be their leader. However, even though Pascal had once been the leader of the Collapsing Mountain race, it did not mean that they would give any special treatment to the Han Clan. After all, It was

Land of Extreme Chillness.

"Aleyna, you should wear this first," Laquisha said, fishing out a gown embroidered with fiery clouds and handing it over to Aleyna. The Han Clan had operated in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land for many years, so they were very knowledgeable on the layout of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. They knew how horrible the cold flame field was.

It could be said that the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land had recorded all of his comprehension of the Ice Law on this cold flame field.

Holy Beings were proficient in all laws and it was impossible for them to overlook anything when creating a universe. However, the master of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land specialized in Ice Law and had his own comprehension of it, so the cold flame field could not be underestimated.

Laquisha put the gown on Aleyna and then walked over to Zen, reminding him in a low voice, "Since they want to cross the cold flame field, their destination would be the interior world of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. I don't know what they want you to get for them, but I must remind you to be careful and not push yourself too hard. Your safety must always come first."

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