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   Chapter 1892 Zen's Reflection

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No other names that Laquisha said would have shocked Zen more.

The master of Evolutionary Universe where Zen lived was called Mike Luo who was also a Holy Being living in the divine land.

For a moment, Zen's mind went blank. He just could not think.

'Maybe it is just a coincidence, ' he mused. Although the name Mike Luo was not common, it wasn't a rare name either.

However it was not very rational to see it as a coincidence.

Earlier also Rocher and the others had kept many information from him. Did they also conceal these secrets from him too?

There was also the issue of his own fate. At that time, Zen displayed great talent, compared with the warriors in great world. But if one were to look at the entire universe, then Zen, with his low cultivation level at that time, was nothing compared to the warriors of the universe.

So, why did that young man appear abruptly and abduct Yan? Was it because she was his the fate pointer?

All these thoughts were running across Zen's mind.

Maybe all this was just a fabricated excuse.

To be more specific, his fate was to make him advance towards the divine land.

As he went through all these thoughts, Zen could understand the situation more clearly.

If one were to assume that the young man was a True God who could descend upon the universe at his will, then he had to be a disciple of the Holy Being.

But no ordinary True God could return to the universe. In Zen's eye, the only True God was Wynn of Celestial Position, one of the Holy Being's disciples.

When his own strength was merely in the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he was under the care of this disciple whose strength was equal to a True God's.

Coincidentally, his father who died was called Mike Luo and the name of the Holy Being also was Mike Luo.

With this deduction, nothing that happened so far was a coincidence after all!

If his father really was the creator of the universe, then Mike would be an omnipotent existence in the inner world. He turned into a nature creature and gave birth to a Luo Clan in a certain corner of the universe. Then Mike had cultivated Zen until he grew up. In the end, Mike promptly arranged for some tragedy to ensure his death.

His hatred would be a motivation for Zen to grow up faster

With these never ending thoughts, Zen's breath became heavier.

There were also other evidences supporting these facts that Zen knew about. After Zen had used his soul to attack the 'little monster' of the York Divine Kingdom, he had directly taken over the will of the great world by devouring his soul!

The outcome came so naturally, as if the will of this great world had always belonged to him.

There were only few people who studied the will of the world, so Zen couldn't find any reference. That was why he didn't consider it to be weird. On the contrary, he had thought that it made sense. Now after careful deliberation, he realized t

couldn't be counted as his father in the strict sense.

Zen also had an incarnation when he stepped into his inner world. That was not his original body, but it still executed at his will. He had poured all of his feelings into the body.

He was still his father!

Even if he was created deliberately, he would have to repay this debt of gratitude.

If he had to save Mike, would he also have to face the vast power of the Hall of Holy Beings?

Compared to a Holy Being, he looked so insignificant, that he could be easily ignored.

Evolutionary Universe was about to be wiped out by Sacred race. Since Mike had already sent him to this stage, Zen had to continue with the rest of the journey and accomplish the task at hand. This road was destined to be arduous, but Zen was not afraid. His eyes shone with excitement.

He stayed in the Skyland race for two more days, then proceeded ahead. Along the way, he visited the Tidal Surge for a while and met Xenia and Karl.

Out of the ten Godly Geniuses, Zen knew that six of them had appeared within the Skyland race. He didn't know which cultivation sacred place the remaining four were currently in, especially Margaret. Zen was still a bit concerned. This woman was impulsive and willful, and he hoped she would complete the training in Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Two days later, the Harmony race, the one who controlled the Mind Refining Tower, finally arrived at Skyland race.

Compared to the Skyland race, this Harmony race had a very ugly appearance. Their bodies were covered with snake-like scales, and their nose bridge was abnormally high. Their eyes were shaped like triangles, hanging upside down on their faces. If their behavior had not been exceptionally good, Zen would have treated them like beasts.

Although this race had a very ugly appearance, Zen realized that they were a kind and optimistic race, who were much easier to deal with than the Skyland race.

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