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   Chapter 1891 Evolutionary Universe

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Even though her sister rebuked her, Aleyna was not the slightest bit afraid of her. She continued, "The entire universe is under the control of the Holy Being. What right do the others have to be called a controller?"

After hearing Aleyna's explanation, Zen finally understood.

Since the universe was the inner world of a Holy Being, then it stood to reason that the Holy Being was the master of the universe. This logic was quite very obvious and easy to follow.

But he was not certain as to what kind of role Irene played. Just like what Aleyna said, was Irene really a so-called "trustee"?

"Trustee, what is that?" Zen asked again, his brows furrowing in confusion.

At his question, Aleyna blinked a few times. Her eyes were a little round and watery, and they notably lacked the charming yet lonely quality of Laquisha's beautiful orbs.

It was natural for a young girl at her age to have fervent adoration for the strong. Others might be curious and have questions and doubts about Zen's origins, but his past and his strength didn't matter to her, as long as he would not do anything to provoke her.

On the other hand, Laquisha was a bit more mature than Aleyna. She was more inclined to use Zen for her own advantage and use him to complete her agendas, such as entering the Soul Suppressing Cliff or even attacking Quentin.

But Aleyna's indifference toward Zen might change once she became interested in him. The moment that happened, she would definitely dig up everything she could about him.

"Then, tell me, who is the controller of heavens you were speaking of?" Aleyna asked, waiting for his answer.

Zen hesitated, unable to answer right away. In truth, he knew nothing about that person, except her name. Drawing a deep breath, he answered, "It is Irene Jiang."

"Ha! It is her! The trustee that the Jiang Clan had sent!" Aleyna said, her lips curving into a wide smile.

A flash of satisfaction passed over Laquisha's eyes at the revelation. She was evidently pleased to know more about Zen.

Zen watched their reactions and realized that they probably knew a secret he didn't know of. "What?"

"That is the Evolutionary Universe," Aleyna informed.

"Evolutionary Universe..." Zen said slowly, testing the way it rolled off with his tongue. Was this the name of the universe he was in?

Aleyna looked at Zen with doubts clouding her face, and said, "But the Holy Being who built the Evolutionary Universe seemed to be caught in a bad situation. We think he's already dead."

"Aleyna, what are you talking about?" Laquisha said quickly, interrupting her sister. She clarified, "The Holy Being and the universe are interdependent. If the universe is still there, the Holy Being can't be dead."

"Yes, the Holy Being is about to die. Didn't they say that they were ready to take action? If the Evolutionary Universe is destroyed and broken up, then won't that mean that the Holy Being will die as well?" Aleyna continued.

Hearing the sincerity in Aleyna's words, Zen became certain that they weren't lying.

It was indeed true that the universe was in danger and facing the invasion of the Sacred race. Furthermore, Rocher had once informed him that the master of the universe was on the verge of death. . .


ved the bloodbath. They were no doubt the most powerful and resilient races.

Endless wars only brought ravaging destruction and total annihilation. With the development of civilization, people eventually came together to put an end to the long period of war and death.

As a result, many Holy Beings joined hands and formed the Hall of Holy Beings. They were given the highest authority in the entire divine land as they were entrusted to keep the peace all throughout the lands.

The appearance of the Hall of Holy Beings eventually stabilized the entire divine land, heralding a new era of peace among the people, and it had persisted until now.

But despite its existence, the battles between races, warriors, even the Holy Beings had not completely stopped...

To avoid repeating the same mistakes, their skirmishes were confined to the rules.

Anyone who would break the rules would surely face the wrath and punishment of the hall.

The whole process was filled with plots and traps.

""The master of the Evolutionary Universe and his disciples must have fallen into a trap and received their punishment in the end, but the things involved are very complicated and cannot be explained in just a short time. Moreover, there are many rumors circulating around that may not be true," Laquisha cut in. Aleyna glared at her sister, pissed that her sister interrupted her at the most crucial moment.

"What is the name of the master of the Evolutionary Universe?" Zen asked, completely immersed in the information they were providing him with.

Curiosity was eating him up. He knew that the Holy Being had built this universe and had also seen Wynn, one of the Holy Being's disciples, who was hiding in the Celestial Position.

Unfortunately, he knew nothing about this Holy Being.

"The master of the Evolutionary Universe is called Mike Luo. He has the same last name as you," Laquisha replied with indifference.

"What?!" Zen exclaimed in surprise.

Laquisha's answer made his blood boil. Excited, he took deep erratic breaths, his heart hammering so loud in his rib cage that it felt like the girls from the Han Clan could hear his heartbeat clearly.

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