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   Chapter 1890 The Trustee

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Zen and the others were on the platform, casually chatting about the knowledge of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. And at the same time, they were refining the Pristine Life Vitality.

After Lucille and the others were teleported to this land, things were not easy for them. And they would go all out for a purple trial tally. Lone, on the other hand, nearly died in the whole process.

When the surrounding warriors on the platforms observed their crystals of Pristine Life Vitality quickly piled up like a small mountain, their faces were full of envy. But, they could only go as far as envy Zen's god-like strength. Who would dare to provoke him?

Moreover, from the attitude of the Skyland race, this fellow seemed to be respected even by Kaydan. Everyone couldn't guess the reason, but that wasn't important. What mattered most was that no one dared to fight with him.

Soon, Zen prepared to leave and did not stay there for long.

Zen had also keenly observed the crystals of Pristine Life Vitality. They seemed to be relatively special but quite similar to the life vitality crystals. But, the structure was completely different.

Unfortunately, after Zen absorbed these black crystals into his body, they simply could not fuse with the chaotic energy and were quickly devoured by the chaos. With this, there was no need for him to stay here for a long time.

So when Zen left the Tidal Surge, he went to see Kaydan. He told him to keep the platform for his friends.

Since this was a simple request for Kaydan, he eagerly agreed.

Some of the warriors from the divine land created a dramatic scene as soon as Zen had left. They deemed themselves as powerhouses and were ready to take over the central platform again.

But a group of people from the Skyland race soon arrived, announcing that the central platform was reserved for Zen. The central platform was at Lucille and the other two's disposal.

This was a request personally made by Zen in consideration of the ten people from the universe who came to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. The Skyland race was the most important sacred place for cultivation. And the others would fight to enter this place as well, so they would be able to share it with the three of them.

And that kind of request was very predictable.

Three days later, Karl and Xenia entered the Skyland race exactly when Zen was still cultivating on top of a pagoda.

As secondary creatures, they successfully entered the Tidal Surge after they had paid the trial tally. However, they did not encounter Zen.

Compared to the others, their luck was a little lacking. It had taken them a lot of time to obtain the purple trial tally.

In fact, it wasn't easy to obtain a purple trial tally in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. Some warriors could spend several years, or even several decades, and this only proved that these ten people were top ten warriors in the entire universe, the cream of the crop!

The two of them gained entry at the Tidal

life vitality, Zen could have stayed in the Skyland race to absorb the black crystals, and try to expand his inner world.

The size of the inner world was also a measure of one's cultivation level. If Zen were unable to expand his inner world even further, then he would lose any means of raising his cultivation level.

Since Zen was unfortunately unable to find the answer within the Primal Chaos Technique, he had to explore. A path that others had never taken was destined to have too many risks and uncertainties, but it would also yield astonishing harvests and unexpected results.

In addition to exploring the inner world, Zen also needed to deal with the two sisters from Han Clan.

Although this woman had taken advantage of him once, Laquisha still knew when to advance and when to retreat. However, her little sister was quite different. Her sister was an ignorant little girl who kept pestering him with lots of questions. She even asked Zen which universe did he come from.

"I also don't know which universe I come from." Zen didn't know much about the powers in the divine land, nor was he aware what the universe was named. Perhaps, Rocher and Master Feng knew a bit, and yet they were hiding something from him.

"Who is the trustee?" Aleyna suddenly asked.

"What is a trustee?" Zen naturally didn't know what she meant.

Aleyna showed off arrogantly. "So you don't even know what a trustee is… The universe is indeed a backward place!"

"Aleyna!" Laquisha felt her sister's words were a bit rude.

However, Zen waved his hand dismissively and said, "It doesn't matter. I wonder if the person you're referring to is the one who controls the heavens."

At this time, Zen's interest was piqued. He understood that there was some vital information he needed to grasp himself. The two girls weren't scheming people, so he naturally needed to seize this opportunity to learn a thing or two.

And because of this probing, Zen had a new understanding of the entire divine land.

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