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   Chapter 1889 Shocking Qin City (Part Two)

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Quentin's cultivation might not be as high as theirs, but after he displayed his great Wishing Spell, his strength should be several times higher than theirs. No world lord would be a match with Quentin if he was powered up with the help of his Wishing Spell.

But he even used the Sky Pearl! With such a secret and powerful treasure supporting him, the young master's strength should be far above any world lord present!

The problem for the world lords was that Quentin had used the Sky Pearl and was still defeated. He had also activated the escape ring to save his life. The strength of the secondary creature that defeated Quentin was truly at a level that they could not comprehend.

They could not believe that such an incident really happened.

As he noticed their expressions, Quentin's rage grew even worse. "Don't you believe me?" he asked with an angry voice.

"We have no right to question you, young master. However, please understand that this situation is very hard for us to believe." A world lord lowered his head and responded with an apologetic tone.

"No matter who the strange creature is, we have to go to the Skyland race to capture this person. We must make sure that the young master fulfills his vow." another world lord said like a politician who offered a solution to a problem.

Quentin lost to Zen even though he activated his great Wishing Spell for the demise of Zen. If Quentin did not kill him, then in the future, Quentin's cultivation would not be able to progress. Therefore, regardless of who the other party was, Quentin should kill the secondary creature that he vowed to murder.

"There's no need to hurry. This person's origin is quite problematic. Even the Skyland race is protecting him. I'm afraid that we will not be able to capture him so easily," Quentin said with a frown. His rash use of the great Wishing Spell had created a hidden danger for him. A gamble was made

e sum of the black crystals refined in the last three months.

The three of them were extremely excited. The precious Pristine Life Vitality was constantly being swallowed up by them and continued to add fuel to the fire for their inner worlds! The concentration of life vitality in their bodies increased so fast that the results were visible to the eyes.

While a warrior was moving through the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm, and the Spirit Transformation Realm, their inner worlds were continuously experiencing changes.

As one's inner world developed and expanded, one's cultivation would also steadily improve. At this rate, he or she would be able to break through to the Spirit Transformation Realm in just a few days!

After they absorbed the Pristine Life Vitality, the three of them gathered around Zen, curious to hear more about his experiences along the way. Their faces were decorated with delightful smiles and eager eyes.

Zen briefly recounted the details of what happened in the Collapsing Mountain race. Even though Zen had missed out on many details and hid some information from the three of them, they were still dazzled by what they heard. They continued to listen to Zen's discussion with curious minds, eager for knowledge and improvement.

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