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   Chapter 1888 Shocking Qin City (Part One)

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There was a teleporting area at the southern hills of the central Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. About fifteen percent of the warriors were transported there whenever they entered the area.

When the teleporting area was occupied by the Qin Clan, the name of the area was immediately changed to Qin City. Afterward, the Qin Clan sent their world lords into the city and gradually conquered the location.

A bright white light suddenly appeared and shone across the center of the sky of Qin City. The light was actually a result of the scattered Space Law.

As the space theurgy passed down through the divine land, it created a very stable and nearly perfect space channel. As the incandescent white Space Law inter-weaved ceaselessly, a large snowflake was formed. The snowflake rotated mid-air a few times until suddenly, somebody fell straight out of the snowflake.

A world lord within the fortress saw the person and rushed quickly into the sky. When the world lord finally reached the person who was still in the middle of the fall, the world lord delivered a surprise and gasped. "Young master, who had the guts to do this to you? Were you suddenly attacked by powerful beasts in the wilderness?" the world lord asked.

There was no doubt that the person who fell was Quentin.

However, the front of his body had his flesh ripped apart and mangled. A huge gash was seen on his chest that one could see the eerie bones within it.

The corrosion from Zen's shield also morbidly damaged Quentin's left hand.

A ring made from cyan wood was seen on the little finger of his left hand. It was an escape ring. The escape ring could replace his body with a wooden puppet the moment he encountered danger. Simultaneously, it would also teleport him elsewhere. If he was in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the escape ring would be able to teleport Quentin back to Qin City.

The world lord carried Quentin all the way into the fort. The arrival of Quentin in such a

low-level trial tallies.

The fact that their young master had actually been injured by a secondary creature was totally unbelievable.

"I... I even used the great Wishing Spell." Quentin stuttered. Humiliation started to sink to his soul.

The world lords were even more shocked. If Quentin was injured like this even after he used the great Wishing Spell, then the secondary creature's origin was definitely something to worry about.

"What about Hayes? And Mac? Did they not protect you, young master?" a world lord asked in anger as if he wanted to blame those he just named.

Two guards were appointed to Quentin when he entered the Skyland race. Their responsibilities were to protect their young master at all cost but they failed to carry out their duties as their young master had been severely injured.

However, the two guards did not enter the Tidal Surge. They figured that with Quentin's strength, there was no need to accompany him in that place.

"I even used the Sky Pearl," Quentin added with a regretful voice. He tried to be as honest as could be, perhaps in an attempt to cover up the embarrassment of his defeat to a secondary creature.


"Is this true, young master?"

The world lords present were startled. Most of them couldn't comprehend the reality of the situation.

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