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   Chapter 1887 The Shield Of Power (Part Two)

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Therefore, all he could do now was to unleash his power by the means of the Cross-world Theurgy. Using a technique such as this one was a complete waste, but Zen was acting desperate, out of helplessness. Otherwise, it would be the same situation as he experienced before in which he lit up too many dragon scales and couldn't be capable of using them.

Even Zen just released the power without the help of any medium, it was actually more than enough to fight against Quentin!


At the same time that the green light claws reached the invisible shield, the intertwining power of the two incomparable attacks collided and emitted a sharp slicing noise.

Formless power could be compared to flowing water. If any piece of it was sliced or cut open, the power wouldn't be wasted but instead replenished.

Due to such, the cutting force coming from the sharp claws was unable to destroy the invisible shield. On the contrary, as Zen continued to drive the shield forward, the sharp claws began to disappear, now being swallowed up whole.

Although it felt much, much longer, this entire process took no more than two seconds.

Quentin's expression quickly darkened. He watched as the tips of his sharp claws began to bend in all directions and cracks began to appear on their surface!

"This... Is... Impossible!"

Quentin shouted. By using the Sky Pearl, his confidence soared upward and he suddenly felt like he was invincible.

Throughout several different occasions, if a warrior's strength was greatly enhanced in a short period of time, this kind of illusion would appear in their minds. For example, the warriors in the Collapsing Mountain race who passed their trials would experience a sudden increase in their overall confidenc

gans, they would all be utterly destroyed!

What happened in the next instant though was far from what Zen had expected at all.

All of the sudden, the brown wooden ring wrapped around Quentin's finger broke off. Simultaneously, a burst of smoke rose from the surface of Quentin's skin - a smoke that slowly enveloped his entire body. From the midst of the smoke, an intense Space Law Power was transmitted over and Quentin's entire figure disappeared in the blink of an eye, magically replaced by that of a wooden puppet!

This puppet-like creation was vivid and lifelike. It look exactly like Quentin in figure and form, but Zen knew better. It definitely wasn't him.

Zen equally crushed the puppet into pieces by using his shield and the pieces too, fell to the ground. Zen looked around and sneered, nose high in the air. He was done here. He returned to the platform.

At the time of battle, there were many different treasures that Quentin could have used to protect his body. Just before his death, he had used such a substitute treasure! Not only could a puppet be used to replace his physical body, but it could also be used to teleport through space!

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