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   Chapter 1886 The Shield Of Power (Part One)

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Zen wasn't actually afraid of the platform smashing beneath his feet.

What Zen did know though, was that his current strength was completely reliant on the strength of the Nine Divine Stars. In other words, it wasn't suitable for long-distance battles.

If Quentin had relied on his nimble movements to attack him from a long distance, Zen would most likely be taken advantage of and it would be difficult for him to fight back.

Instead though, Quentin had chosen to use the Sky Pearl, which appeared to be some kind of treasure for strengthening himself. That was a good thing, to say the least. Quentin recklessly pounced toward Zen, and Zen thought that the item was exactly what he hoped it would be.

Zen was unaware though that Quentin was simultaneously having these same thoughts.

Quentin knew that this Sky Pearl could easily give himself a massive boost in a short period of time, whether it be in strength or speed. With this extra boost, he at the Spirit Transformation Realm, would have the strength to fight against a top-level world lord. There were no masters like a Supreme Lord in the divine land, and any world lords could find ways to condense their own Godly Tile. Speaking of such, there were actually plenty of ways to obtain a Godly Tile.

It was for that reason, and rightfully so, that Quentin was equally afraid that Zen would slip away, or seek the protection of the Skyland race!

That Sky Pearl only lasted for about two minutes, which was relatively short. Once Zen succeeded in dodging the aura emitting from the pearl, his strength would begin plummeting and his chances for making a comeback would be completely over.

Upon noticing that Zen had no intentions in avoiding him or his attack, Quentin was overjoyed.

"Seeing as you're in such a hurry to die, don't blame me for this!"

Quentin said. Other than this trace of happiness, Quentin fel

ight claws were condensed by the blood essence of the Heaven Duck. Such a creature's claws could literally slice through near anything. Even the Collapsing Mountain race's most sturdy Magic Golden Stone could be cut in half by a set of claws like these.

In the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Quentin thought, there probably wasn't any material his terrifyingly sharp claws couldn't slice through.

Unfortunately for Quentin, he couldn't have been more wrong. When Zen used the shield formed by Nine Divine Stars, it wasn't a material object at all. It was only an invisible power.

Generally speaking, the power could only be exerted to the extreme by means of media transmission.

And, the most common medium still remained to be a fighter's own body and fists. A few of the body refiners equally used large hammers and battle-axes. These weapons could also be considered a form of medium.

The power of Holy Being mastered by Zen was much too strong for him. With Zen's current strength, no matter what medium he used, there was no way he would ever be capable of withstanding such great force. Choosing to use his body to bear it was not a good idea, his physical self would disintegrate. Even a supreme primordial weapon would break inch by inch.

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