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   Chapter 1885 The Sky Pearl (Part Two)

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Their fears originated from their innate instincts. No matter how powerful they were, terror still enveloped their bodies. Cold sweat trickled down their spine as they watched carefully at the sky.

The blood of several legendary birds flowed within the blood of the members of the Skyland race. Quentin's pearl, however, contained the blood essence of the Heaven Duck, which was a true spirit in the divine land and could be called the lord of all birds. They were no match for the most powerful legendary bird.

Countless formidable birds roamed the endless deep space of the divine land. There were legendary beasts like the Roc and the Phoenix, but without a doubt, the lord of all the birds was the Heaven Duck. It was at the top of the pyramid among all birds.

As the cry of the Heaven Duck reverberated from the sky, the members of the Skyland race felt an intense suppression. All of them had unpleasant expressions on their faces. A mix of shock and fear reflected in their eyes. However, none of the warriors of the Collapsing Mountain race, as well as those of other races, had such a feeling.

The pearl on Quentin's chest was called the Sky Pearl. As a supreme primordial weapon, it could be only used once. Needless to say, it was a rare and precious treasure.

Quentin felt powerless during his last fight against Zen. Zen's physical strength alone was not something that he could withstand.

However, thanks to his prestigious clan, Quentin still had many tricks up his sleeve.

When he had been given the Sky Pearl, he was reminded repeatedly by his family members that only in desperate times could he use the Sky Pearl. Even to the Qin Clan, the Sky Pearl was a rare and precious treasure, at least not something they c

nd were truly unfamiliar to Zen. He never thought that the warriors in this plain was capable of such a feat!

Of course, this was also because of Quentin's special position. Ordinary warriors in the divine land would not possess such powerful treasures like the Sky Pearl.

The other warriors who were beaten by Zen earlier once again revealed smiles on their faces.

They knew that Zen had utterly infuriated Quentin. The consequences of being that target of this madman's rage would be disastrous. They were relieved when they saw that the Skyland race did not take any action to protect Zen. Although Zen had displayed outstanding strength before, they believed that he would not stand a chance against Quentin who had used his secret weapon.

But once again, Zen did something out of their expectations — he did not choose to retreat. His face reflected no fear as he continued to stand dignified and brave.

Then, he activated all the power of his Nine Divine Stars as he jumped from the ground and charged toward Quentin.

When Kaydan saw Zen's actions, he chuckled and said, "This guy... I bet that he just doesn't want to destroy the platform."

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