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   Chapter 1884 The Sky Pearl (Part One)

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Zen had defeated many warriors as he kicked them into the black water earlier. After they fell into the water, most of them moved to other platforms.

However, there was someone who never appeared again. It was Quentin, the first warrior to fall into the water.

Quentin was known for his vicious personality. A warrior like him who came from a powerful clan would prioritize his reputation above anything else.

He suffered tremendously with his battle against Zen. Humiliation enveloped him after Zen pressed his face to the ground. A great grudge formed in Quentin as he vowed to murder Zen for revenge.

The black water surged violently. Some of the warriors were surprised and shouted, "The tide is coming again. Everyone, get ready to refine it!" Their shouts echoed as everyone braced themselves for another chance to loot.

There were only seven Tidal Surges a day, and each one was an incomparably precious chance for the warriors to collect valuable resources. Since they had finally entered this place, they naturally wouldn't miss a single opportunity to obtain the rare resources here. They would risk their lives in order to harvest everything they could.

However, some of the warriors felt puzzled as they gazed upon the water's surface. When the tide came, the water's surface should have risen evenly. But then, only the water at one side of the central platform surged.

"It doesn't seem to be a Tidal Surge. Watch out! There's something in the black water!"

The black water swirled as its center began to sink. A massive whirlpool suddenly appeared as if a monster opened its mouth to suck the water and everything around it. The whirlpool was so deep that its center was over 10 feet below its edge.


The air in the middle of the whirlpool grew faster and more vicious. Suddenly, a tor

restrictions were. This was the principle of equivalent exchange. If one could not defeat the enemies after chanting the Wishing Spell, then he or she would have to carry out the unfulfilled wish in his or her remaining lifetime.

If the wish remained unfulfilled, it would be impossible for them to improve their cultivation.

Even though Kennan and Woodrow had managed to save Laquisha that day, they did not have the strength to kill the Formless Sky Python. Their failure would have detrimental effects on their cultivation, but for the sake of the princess, they were willing to pay such a price.

As for Quentin, he gave no attention to the negative consequences as he was already swallowed by his rage.

After the Wishing Spell was cast, a supreme primordial weapon that dangled on his chest was activated successfully.

It was a greyish pearl, which looked almost like a drop of water. Power radiated through its translucent and round appearance.


The moment the pearl was activated, a loud and clear voice echoed through the sky.

All the members of the Skyland race on the top towers heard that voice. Anxiety appeared on their faces, including Kaydan and the elders of the Skyland race.

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