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At Kaydan's question, Zen snorted and threw Isaiah several dozens of feet away. "What absurd rules you have in the Skyland race! You should ask him what has happened!" Zen growled.

He had used the hidden strength he possessed when he threw the boy on the ground. Isaiah tried to soar into the sky but as he made a move to stand, his legs buckled under him and he fell on his back once more.

"How dare you!" Isaiah's father, Roy, growled when he saw his son be thrown like a dead dog. He started to march towards Zen when he heard Kaydan's cold commanding voice.

"Roy," the leader said.

Roy was no fool. He knew Kaydan very well and he knew the man would only act like this in front of a person with remarkable background.

Just who was this Zen guy, really? Surely, being a flame-proof warrior wasn't enough to earn the respect of Kaydan, was it?

As far as he knew, warriors of the six great races in the entire Divine Refinement Forbidden Land did not act polite towards martial artists from other races. This was, after all, the territory of the six great races. Even someone like Quentin would have to pay a price in order to gain the Skyland race's favor.

He was curious as to where Zen came from.

"Isaiah," Kaydan turned to the boy after he had gotten up. "Tell us what happened. How did you offend our esteemed guest?"

When they heard Kaydan refer to Zen as an "esteemed guest", Roy, Isaiah, and everyone else's hearts began to sink. Even the warriors from the divine land were stunned.

This group of warriors from the divine land had been trying to gain the Skyland race's favor for years now and not a single one of them had come close to being an esteemed guest.

How could Zen, a mere secondary creature, be called an esteemed guest?! They were all astonished.

Lucille, Kurt, and Lone who were standing behind Zen looked at each other in shock.

Before, they had been worried the Skyland race would take revenge on Zen. But now, that worry had vanished into thin air. This was Kaydan, the leader of the Skyland race, speaking!

What in the world did Zen do to make the Skyland race's leader treat him so nicely?

Lucille couldn't help but sigh. She had worked hard to enter the Skyland race within a certain time period in order to absorb as much Pristine Life Vitality as she could. She had always felt fortunate that she was fast and lucky enough but seeing Zen now, the achievements she worked so hard to attain felt nothing but a joke.

Back in the Illusion Battlefield, Lucille had been defeated by Zen. And perhaps she had been unwilling to accept the result at the time because they were all Godly Geniuses and there was always a chance to improve their strength. In the future, who could say for sure who would beat who? But now, after seeing what just happened, Lucille was absolutely positive that Zen was indeed stronger than her.

The same thoughts ran through Kurt's and Lone's heads.

leave so it's best to do what he says. If you have anything to say, you can say it later," someone spoke up.

Seeing several elders wink at him, it dawned on Roy that the matter wasn't simple. Gritting his teeth, he turned around and glared at Zen. And if looks could kill, Zen would be dead already. With a last sneer, he grabbed his son and flew away.

But even Roy and Isaiah had left, Kaydan was still in a dilemma. He even wanted to grit his teeth and turn away to leave all the awkwardness behind. Fortunately, there just wasn't a lack of calculating eyes in this world.

"Sir!" a warrior from another race suddenly jumped up and called. "I witnessed the entirety of what just happened here and it was definitely because Quentin provoked first that Zen fought back in anger! Isaiah was partial towards Quentin which led to the conflict with Zen..."

As he listened to the man explain, Kaydan couldn't help but nod and relax his expression. "So that's how it is. Isaiah was at fault and our respected friend Zen has been wronged! I'll be sure to deal with Isaiah later!"

Zen decided to let the matter drop. From the beginning, Kaydan had been on his side and was trying hard to accommodate his every need. Besides, Kaydan had nothing to do with this. If Zen continued to cause trouble for the man, it would be too much already.

As the commotion ended, Kaydan was ready to leave. However, Kaydan thought of something and turned to the man from the crowd and asked for his name.

"Haroon Han, sir!" the warrior cupped his fists and replied happily.

The warriors of other races cultivating in the Tidal Surge however, looked disappointed. They had all witnessed the scuffle but only Haroon Han had spoken up to help Kaydan. This person would definitely be given special treatment in the future when he cultivated in the Skyland race.

Kaydan was about to lead the people in the area to leave when suddenly, the black water started to surge!

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